'Beyond Proud': Pink Gets Emotional as Daughter Willow, 12, Leaves Mom's Tour to 'Follow Her Dreams' of Theater

Pink is feeling emotional as she says goodbye to her daughter on tour

Published Time: 28.06.2024 - 23:31:18 Modified Time: 28.06.2024 - 23:31:18

Pink is feeling emotional as she says goodbye to her daughter on tour.

On Friday, June 28, the "So What" singer, 44, shared a sweet video on Instagram announcing that her 12-year-old daughter Willow's time with her on the Summer Carnival tour has come to an end.

The clip shows Pink and Willow having a conversation together backstage as the singer asks the preteen to tell her about what she's planning to do when she gets home. Pink shares daughter Willow and son Jameson Moon, 7, with her husband Carey Hart.

"I want you to tell me all the things. You’re leaving me. Why would you ever do that?" Pink teases. "What are you doing when you get home, what are you looking forward to?"

Willow smiles as she shares that she's going to be in a production of Bye Bye Birdie. Pink then talks with her daughter about her love of theater and the moment she sensed her daughter's love for the art.

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"You fell in love with Mamma Mia! I remember when you came out on stage for the first time in Mamma Mia! and I was like, 'Who is that person?' I had never seen you so big and like, your energy was six times your body, it was amazing. I was blown away."

Willow went on to share that she hopes to pursue theater professionally and eventually be on Broadway.

"You have your -

own lane and you want to be in it and I love that for you," Pink tells her daughter. "I will tell you that in this last recital, I saw a version of you that I didn’t know existed. And it is really wild to watch you grow up and grow out of me."

The "Raise Your Glass" artist concluded the video by joking to Willow, "Get off my tour, you're fired!"

"This weekend’s shows were Willow’s last few on tour before she takes time away to follow her dreams. I promised I wouldn’t cry. I DID NOT however, promise I wouldn’t hyperventilate through our hug," Pink captioned the emotional clip. "It’s wild to watch your children grow up and out of you, but I’m beyond proud. We all are. I’m gonna miss you so much. ❤️❤️❤️."

Pink previously shared with PEOPLE that Willow's been itching to get on Broadway.

"We're learning a new song together, which is exciting. She's not totally on board yet. She's very into musical theater. I'm trying to get her to spread her wings a little bit," she shared last month.

Asked what genre the new song is, Pink told PEOPLE it's “Broadway,” adding, “I want her to go do the damn thing.”

“She's got a voice, man. She's a little bird,” she added. “She wants to do Broadway and then be a trauma surgeon.”

“Yeah, she's rad,” Pink added, explaining that it was Grey’s Anatomy that inspired her daughter’s medical dream.

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