'Crying My Eyes Out': Bebe Rexha Gets Emotional as She Feels 'Hopeless' and 'Fed Up' with the Music Industry

Bebe Rexha is getting vulnerable with her fans about the state of her career

Published Time: 03.07.2024 - 01:31:14 Modified Time: 03.07.2024 - 01:31:14

Bebe Rexha is getting vulnerable with her fans about the state of her career.

On Tuesday, July 2, the "I'm Good (Blue)" singer opened up about her frustrations with the music industry in a series of posts on X.

"I could bring down a BIG chunk of this industry. I AM frustrated. I Have been UNDERMINED. I’ve been so quiet for the longest time," Rexha, 34, began. "I haven’t seen the signs even though people constantly are bringing them up and they have been SO OBVIOUS. And when I have spoken up I’ve been silence and PUNISHED by this industry Things must change or I’m telling ALL of my truths. The good the bad and the ugly."

After the first post, fans began inquiring about the details, with one fan asking her "what happened again."

"Again? You haven’t even heard 5 percent. You have NO IDEA," Rexha wrote back.

Another fan commented that "nobody should be forgiven for the time they took your name out of Hey Mama," referencing Rexha's hit 2015 collaboration with David Guetta, Nicki Minaj and Afrojack, for which she wasn't initially credited.

Rexha responded: "My love. That? Compared to all the other stuff you don’t know about? That’s Child’s play."

After an X user suggested that her venting was "perfect timing" with the release of her new single "I'm the Drama," Rexha responded, "Marketing? I have no budget for that. IM FED UP."

The "I'm a Mess" singer then shared another statement and clarified that her posts were "not -

just coming from a place of anger."

"It’s sadness. I’m sitting in my hotel room in London Crying my eyes out. I’ve felt hopeless for the longest time. I’ve been walking a lot through this city and meeting fans and they have really ignited something inside of me," she wrote.

She added in a separate post: "Honestly you all have given me the strength."

A rep for Rexha did not respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

The singer-songwriter released her latest song "I'm the Drama" on June 27. The track follows the release of her single "Chase It (Mmm Da Da Da)" on May 17, which marked the start of a new era for her life and career.

"I went through a breakup and I think taking a break for me would've been too much," Rexha, who split from ex-boyfriendKeyan Safyarilast year, told PEOPLE. "I just kind of threw myself into music because it's the only thing that really helps me."

The month before, she debuted the song at Coachella and she said it felt like the launch of a "new chapter."

"I've gone through so much in the past X amount of years that people don't know about, and I feel like I finally have now come to peace with a lot of things. I finally feel excited and alive," Rexha said. "It's so awesome seeing everybody so excited, but I'm like, 'You have no f---ing idea.' It's like, I'm so excited."

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