'Here's to Many More Years': Cara Delevingne Celebrates Second Anniversary with Girlfriend Minke

Cara Delevingneis marking "two magical years" with her girlfriendMinke

Published Time: 06.06.2024 - 03:31:05 Modified Time: 06.06.2024 - 03:31:05

Cara Delevingneis marking "two magical years" with her girlfriendMinke.

In a sweet Instagram post on Wednesday, June 5, the model, 31, celebrated their two-year dating anniversary by giving an intimate look at their romance.

The post began with a photo of Delevingne and Minke, born Leah Mason, kissing underneath a sunset in a grass field. The photo was followed by a video of the two laughing and looking into each other's eyes while enjoying a boat ride.

Delevigne also includes photos of the two holding hands in front of a mirror, kissing at a festival and wearing matching outfits for a "spontaneous photo shoot in Venice."

"Two magical years with you and so many pictures of us kissing in front of things ❤️ These past two years have been A LOT of life," Delevingne wrote at the start of her lengthy caption.

"A lot of change, growth, pain and most importantly LOVE and I am so lucky to have found the perfect person to ride life’s ups and downs with. I cannot imagine living life without you. I spent so long looking for my partner in crime, little did I know that it would be s -

omeone I went to school with (and had a baby gay crush on). Here’s to many more years being us," she continued.

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Minke wrote in the comment section, "I love you so much smooshy ❤️." She also shared the post on her Instagram Stories.

Delevingne revealed in an interview for the April 2023 cover ofVoguethat she and Minke first met as kids while attending a boarding school in Hampshire, England. After losing touch, they reconnected over a decade later at anAlanis Morissetteconcert.

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"She’s the type of person who has boundaries, and there came a point with me when she wasn’t going to have it much longer, and it was a blessing in disguise," she told the magazine. "It’s the first time I feel like I’m in a relationship, not trying to rescue someone."

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