'I Always Have Fun' (Exclusive): 'Spunky' Jordan Chiles Keeping It All in Perspective as She Vies for Olympics

Jordan Chiles — the 23-year-old Paris Olympic hopeful who tells PEOPLE she's all about being confident and consistent — was keeping things loose before the last rotation during the 2024 U

Published Time: 21.06.2024 - 17:31:10 Modified Time: 21.06.2024 - 17:31:10

Jordan Chiles — the 23-year-old Paris Olympic hopeful who tells PEOPLE she's all about being confident and consistent — was keeping things loose before the last rotation during the 2024 U.S. National Gymnastics Championships earlier this month.

As Neil Diamond's “Sweet Caroline” played in the background during warmups for the uneven bars, Chiles swayed to the song and playfully sang along with the crowd at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas.

During the second night of the competition on Sunday, June 2, the Vancouver, Wash., native donned a white Nike boxing-style robe over her glimmering white leotard bedazzled with over 3,000 Swarovski beads — an outfit that was inspired by one of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour looks, according to The Athletic.

Despite the leotard's weight, which she told the outlet was "heavy," Chiles sparkled and looked as light as air as she performed her rotation on the uneven bars. A routine she nailed, earning a score of 14.500 and a silver medal on the apparatus.

“Being able to have that confidence, I think that's the biggest thing,” Chiles tells PEOPLE in conjunction with her partnership for Milani Cosmetics, which has teamed up with the gymnast to launch the new campaign, "Face Set. Mind Set.," spotlighting the brand's Make It Last Setting Spray.

She adds, “For us as athletes, our beauty comes into play whether what our hair is or what we do with our makeup or what leo we put on, because we want to feel confident.”

That confidence showed during the meet, where Chiles ended up finishing in fifth place in the overall competition and was later named to the 2024 USA Gymnastics National Teams.

Starting Thursday, June 27, she’ll vie for a spot on Team USA and a chance to compete at the Paris Summer Games, three years after she won a team silver at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

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In addition to being confident, for Chiles, it’s also all about being consistent, especially during this go-around. It's something the self-professed “all-arounder” takes pride in, and something she believes makes her an asset on an Olympic -


“I don't think I have one event stronger than the other,” Chiles tells PEOPLE. “I kind of feel like I'm equal everywhere, all around. I don't compare myself. I'm not Jade Carey. I'm not Simone Biles. I'm not a Shilese Jones.”

She continues, "I think the biggest thing for me right now is trying not to doubt myself and trying to really focus on, 'Okay, you've done so much already within your lifetime, don't put too much pressure on yourself because it's not worth it.' "

Yet making the team is, of course, the goal. “I can say I'm a world champion, but that doesn't change my mindset of knowing that this is an Olympic year,” Chiles says. “I still have to fight. I still have to push. I still have to do everything that I need to do to be on that team as much as everybody else. So that mindset of being put in that position is definitely there."

"Now, is it a little easier because I've done the experience before? Yeah, I can say because I kind of know the process of what an Olympic year looks like," she notes. "But I can say it's still stressful."

However, that stress wasn't visible when Chiles took the floor in Fort Worth, where she laughed and joked with her good friend, Biles, who was in her group rotation.

And less than two months removed from her blowout 23rd birthday party — which saluted her “Jordan Year” in more ways than one — the athlete is looking forward to what the future holds.

“The titles that are connected to you aren't going to be taken away. So I just always have to remember, 'I'm Jordan, I'm this cool and amazing spunky girl. I always have fun. I go out there and do everything that I need to do,' " Chiles says about keeping it all in perspective, adding, "I think just reminding myself who I am definitely helps when it comes to that."

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