'It Really Flew By' (Exclusive): Love Is Blind's Alexa and Brennon Celebrate Their 3-Year Wedding Anniversary

AlexaandBrennon Lemieuxhave three years down and forever to go! The couple, who met on season 3 of Love Is Blind, are celebrating their three-year anniversary on Sunday, June 30 — and they tell PEOPLE the milestone feels surreal

Published Time: 30.06.2024 - 17:31:14 Modified Time: 30.06.2024 - 17:31:14

AlexaandBrennon Lemieuxhave three years down and forever to go!

The couple, who met on season 3 of Love Is Blind, are celebrating their three-year anniversary on Sunday, June 30 — and they tell PEOPLE the milestone feels surreal.

"It doesn't feel like three years," Alexa, 29, says. "When I go through old pictures and stuff, I can see that it's been three years, but it feels like in some ways so much longer, like we've been married forever. At the same time, three years, it really flew by."

"I think about if we had met normally and we got married normally and how different my vows would be, how different the day would've been," she continues. "I just felt like I loved him so much at that time and it's funny looking back because I did love him, but just comparing to how much I love him now, it's so different."

"It feels great," notes Brennon, 33. "For me, it's an interesting perspective because we had a year and a half almost before the show came out. So it's like we had a relationship and then out of nowhere it's just like people are like, 'Wait, y'all are married?' So it's weird. It's kind of a weird transition."

"It's a hard launch for sure," Alexa laughs.

Since winning the hearts of fans during season 3 of the Netflix hit, Alexa and Brennon have settled down in their new home in Texas and are currently preparing to welcome their first child together — news thatPEOPLE exclusively helped them announce.

The couple previously reflected on their love story, telling PEOPLE in February 2024 that Love Is Blind played a huge role and their relationship has only gotten stronger since their season aired in 2022.

"I don’t think Brennon and I would have met outside the show, although I’m hopeful that fate would’ve intervened," Alexa previously said. "LIB allowed for both of us to communicate and really put ourselves out there. I know, at least for me, I had never met someone that I trusted and felt comfortable enough to open myself up before meeting Brennon."

When it comes to making their marriage work, Alexa and Brennon speak openly about their frequent check-ins and making time to prioritize the other. "Sometimes life gets busy and you have to make sure you still show up for each other. It’s also extremely important to continue to date even after you’re married. Whether it’s a dressy date night, cooking dinner together, going to top golf, or going to the movies, it’s important to spend time with your person," Alexa said in February.

That attitude hasn't changed now that they're expecting. With just weeks until their baby girl arrives, the two ha -

ve been primarily focused on getting everything ready — and also soaking up their final days of alone time.

"We have definitely prioritized each other in a different light than before the baby," Brennon explains. "I am trying to be a little bit more understanding of her anxiety, just to be here and trying to move forward with getting the nursery done, X, Y, Z, making sure there's plenty of diapers in the house. So it's kind of like we're transitioning into this phase a little bit. I think we work well together."

"He's going from zaddy to daddy," jokes Alexa, before adding, "Brennon is very supportive but in a very quiet way. Especially being pregnant, it's a lot and just automatically he knows when my back's hurting or wanting to give me a foot massage and all of those things and it's really nice."

"He's very sensitive and I think that a lot of people don't really see that because they didn't really show it as much," Alexa notes. "I'm even sometimes not sure if he's listening to what I'm saying when I'm complaining all the time but he is. He's taking in everything and when I'm having harder days, he recognizes that and brings me flowers and will just be there. Sometimes it's better to have a quiet support, someone just holding your hand rather than speaking."

"Actions are louder than words, so I'm very thankful that he is who he is and the way that he shows the way that he cares," she adds.

To celebrate their big day, Alexa and Brennon plan to go to dinner at their favorite restaurant in Dallas.

The pair is not big on gifts, so they've opted for traveling and having new experiences instead — though Alexa jokes "this year, obviously baby coming so I told him my gift is a child... I don't know how he's going to one up that!"

And, when their five-year anniversary rolls around in 2026, the couple plan to renew their vows on a beach — and possibly with more kids in tow!

"When we pictured our wedding day before getting married, we both separately were like we really want to get married on a beach," Alexa says. "So we could definitely do that. Just barefoot on a beach and just be able to renew that with our children by then... I think it would be really special."

"Have a little flower girl, a ring bearer," adds Brennon. "Guess we got to have more kids!"

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Love Is Blind is now streaming on Netflix.

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