'Like a Big Sister': Wrestler Jeff Jarrett Says Taylor Swift Babysat His Daughters While His Late Wife Had Cancer

Wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett detailed the close bond he and his family have with Taylor Swift in a new interview on Friday, July 5

Published Time: 09.07.2024 - 03:31:14 Modified Time: 09.07.2024 - 03:31:14

Wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett detailed the close bond he and his family have with Taylor Swift in a new interview on Friday, July 5.

The WWE Hall of Famer, 56, told WREG that the Grammy winner, 34, lent a helping hand to his family during a difficult time by babysitting his daughters, Joslyn, Jaclyn and Jerlyn while his late wife, Jill Gregory, had breast cancer.

Swift is a "friend of the family," Jarrett said, noting that before his wife died in May 2007, Swift was "very good to our family during a very, very dark period." Swift would've been around 17 at the time of Jill's death.

"Taylor was like a big sister," Jarrett explained. "She came over, took the girls baking cookies, and just hung out at the house. I can't say enough good things about Taylor." He then joked about how the 14-time Grammy winner has “done pretty well for herself.” 

"She's just a sweetheart. I still call her 'our girl,' and now she's up hanging in the NFL circles," he said, referring to Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

The professional wrestler clarified that Swift kindly spent time with his daughters and was “never on the Jeff Jarrett payroll," adding, "So, technically not a babysitter."

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Swift’s bond with Jarrett’s daughters extended well into the early days of Swift’s career. Jarrett’s daughter, Jaclyn, appeared in the music video for Swift's 2010 song, "Mine," featured on Swift’s third studio album, Speak Now.

In 2021, Jarrett spoke of the experience with Instinct Culture. "The 'Mine' video is so creative, and my daughter, Jaclyn, looked like a little Taylor," he said, adding that the singer asked the wrestler to include his daughter in her music video.

"Taylor, being as bold as she always is, just said, 'I want Jaclyn in the video,'" he recalled.

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The family headed to Maine for the production, Jarrett said. "You had to turn over your cell phone on set and all that stuff. It was a good experience for the kids."

Jarrett also applauded Swift’s business acumen."Not only is she uber-creative as an artist, but she also thinks like a businesswoman,” he said. “Those two skill sets combined, you rarely see. She deserves all the success she has."

During the conversation with Instinct Culture, he also revealed that Swift brought her boyfriend at the time, Joe Jonas, over to the Jarrett’s home once or twice.

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