'Remembrance Is Our Act of Defiance': John Mayer Celebrates Late Bob Saget's Would-Be 68th Birthday

John Mayer remembered his friend, late comedian Bob Saget, on what would have been his 68th birthday on Friday, May 17

Published Time: 22.05.2024 - 08:31:09 Modified Time: 22.05.2024 - 08:31:09

John Mayer remembered his friend, late comedian Bob Saget, on what would have been his 68th birthday on Friday, May 17.

The musician shared a selfie on the two pals on Instagram, captioning it: "I miss you the most when I’m exhausted and I just want to talk to my friend. I missed you when this magician was performing at this party I was at, and he was just okay, and I knew you’d have interjected with insanely funny one-liners, even if I couldn’t imagine what you would have said."

Mayer, 46, continued, "I just miss you. We all miss you. Loss may be out of our control, but remembrance is our act of defiance. And we will never forget you. Love you Bob. Happy Birthday."

The post was one of many for Saget, who died unexpectedly in January 2022 at age 65. The late actor's wife, Kelly Rizzo, shared her own memories of Saget, posting a photo from the final birthday dinner they enjoyed together along with a cute story from the night. "Forever celebrated, forever loved, forever remembered, forever in all of our hearts,"she wrote.

His Full House costars paid tribute as well, as John Stamos shared a group picture of everyone gathered at his home following Saget's funeral. "Though Bob wasn’t there physically, his spirit was unmistakably present, wrapping us in warmth and shared memories that drew both laughter and tears," the actor wrote in his caption.

Mayer and Saget had been close friends for years, from grabbing dinner in Los Angeles to -

gether to teaming up for charity events. Saget traveled to Brazil with the musician forMayer's 40th birthday bashin 2017, while Mayersang at Saget's 2018 weddingto Rizzo.

The guitarist had previously remembered his late pal in January, on the second anniversary of Saget's death. "Two years ago today, the whole world lost Bob Saget. He was the tallest flower in the garden," Mayer wrote on Instagram at the time. "His absence is like an ongoing presence. I’m never going to forget him. Love you, Bob."

In September 2022, the "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" singeropened up to PEOPLEabout his three-hour conversations with Saget that "spanned time and space."

"I'm thinking, like we all do, 'Well, that was a nice dinner. I can't wait to see him again,'" he said at the time. "But on my way home, I'd get a giant text that Bob had dictated into his iPhone, half of which was him railing on Siri. But these incredibly loving texts, after having sat with him for three hours, getting another text of this expression of kindness and love."

"He would take it in the car and go, 'I have to let that man know how special tonight was,' and that's the legacy for me," he said of Saget. "To just let people know as much as you can, not just that you love them, but that the things that you do together are meaningful. I don't think we let each other know how meaningful these things are."

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