'Such a Great Kid': Cheers Star George Wendt Says He’s 'Very Proud' of Nephew and Godson Jason Sudeikis

George Wendt has nothing but pride for his nephew and godson Jason Sudeikis

Published Time: 04.06.2024 - 01:31:13 Modified Time: 04.06.2024 - 01:31:13

George Wendt has nothing but pride for his nephew and godson Jason Sudeikis.

On Monday’s episode of the podcast Still Here Hollywood with Steve Kmetko, the Cheers alum, 75, opened up about the growth of Sudeikis’s career since he first entered the entertainment industry. He told Kmetko that he is impressed by the Ted Lasso star’s success.

“It was Letterman or Conan, he said, 'Did your uncle George have any advice for you?'" Wendt remembered. “And Jason goes — he's so sharp — he goes, ‘Yeah he told me just get on the best show on television and one of the greatest shows of all time and just pretty much take it from there.’ And he goes, ‘So I did.’”

Wendt added: “He got on SNL.”

Although Sudeikis is 48 now, Wendt admitted that he still views him as his young nephew and godson.

“He's such a great kid,” Wendt said of Sudeikis, who is the son of Wendt's sister Kathy. "Very proud. Proud especially, you know, not only of the success, but he's solid. Have you read profiles and stuff? I mean he is such a mesh, so smart, so thoughtful. I mean, it all comes out in the show. Right?” 

Wendt also reflected on his own start in the television world. He didn’t originally want to get into the business, but he said he knew one thing: “I didn’t want to be in a job I hated for the rest of my life.”

Once he exhausted all the careers he had on his list — like a doctor, teacher or f -

ireman — Wendt said he realized he might enjoy working at the Second City comedy theater in Hollywood. It was then that he fell into acting.

“Back then it was a blast,” he said. “I had fun and it wasn't really until I’d been there working, and then they called from Leo Burnett or something and said, 'Hey, can you send the people, some of the cast over... we're going to do some commercials or we're going to have some demos for commercials,’ that sort of thing, and they said, ‘Well you have to join SAG.’”

Once he became part of the Screen Actors Guild, Wendt said he took a job that required him to join the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). Soon, he realized he has built a career “in reverse,” never intending to get into that profession.

“I go, ‘Well, I guess I'm an actor,’” he joked.

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In the years after, Wendt said he worked with several other actors from Second City.

“Mary Gross, I saw her once before she went to work at SNL and other shows and films,” he recalled, adding, "There are not not so many Harold Ramis's and John Belushi's out there — and they were my idols.”

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