'There's Lots of Tears' (Exclusive): Tia Mowry Teases 'Very Raw' and 'Honest' New Reality Series After Cory Hardrict Divorce

Tia Mowry is ready to give fans a closer look at her life

Published Time: 01.07.2024 - 23:31:18 Modified Time: 01.07.2024 - 23:31:18

Tia Mowry is ready to give fans a closer look at her life.

The actress, 45, announced in April that she's filming a new reality TV series that will provide “unlimited access to behind-the-scenes goings-on” of her “multifaceted life," and she now tells PEOPLE that authenticity is a core theme of the upcoming show.

"What I love about it is that it's about inspiring women, people in general, when it comes to their transitions in life," Mowry says on the red carpet at the BET Awards on June 30.

"It's very raw, honest, there's lots of tears. There's lots of laughter. There's lots of fun," she teases of Tia Mowry: My Next Act, which she says she's "been filming" and will "come out this fall."

Mowry's divorce from Cory Hardrict — which was finalized in April 2023, six months after the couple announced their split — will also be explored in the series, as she learns to be single.

"I mean, I'm all about being authentic. And I've showcased some of my feelings and my emotions on social media, whether that was Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, but there's nothing like a reality show," she says.

"The show will basically dive in and show the world who I am as a person. And I really wanted to do this to share my story," she continues. "I feel like a lot of people were creating narratives without knowing a story and understanding me and understanding my feelings. And this is my opportunity to use that platform to -

share my truth."

When she announced the reality show on Instagram, Mowry specifically called out that she's newly single and "for the first time....she's truly experiencing what life is like on my own both personally and professionally."

"In each episode, the series delivers the ultimate access to behind-the-scenes goings-on of my multifaceted life. You’ll join me as I navigate my newly single status, motherhood, building businesses, and juggling my super busy and ever-evolving career," she wrote.

"I’m ready to date, take my multiple businesses to the next level, and discover what makes me happy. With this exciting new chapter comes profound changes and adjustments to the roles I play in my everyday life and my next act."

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Mowry and Hardrict, 44, were married for 14 years prior to their split in October 2022. They share two kids: Cree, 13, and Cairo, 6.

In April, she reflected on the first anniversary of her divorce being finalized in an Instagram video, admitting that the recovery “feels like a whirlwind journey."

“I found out through the process that divorce isn't a place where we arrive, it's entering a new chapter in life with many nuances, and no one-size-fits-all handbook."

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