'They'll Message Them': Brooke Schofield Says Her Podcast Listeners Find the Subjects of Her Dating Stories 'Without Fail'

Brooke Schofield is aiming to be more cautious about what she says online about the men she dates

Published Time: 02.07.2024 - 03:31:09 Modified Time: 02.07.2024 - 03:31:09

Brooke Schofield is aiming to be more cautious about what she says online about the men she dates. 

The 27-year old Cancelled co-host was a guest on the Good Guys podcast with Josh Peck for the show's July 1 episode and spoke about how she was once “so open” about her past relationships on her podcast with Tana Mongeau.

"I felt like Cancelled was small and it didn’t feel like that big of a deal," she said. "But now, I do like to be a little more careful about it."

Continued Schofield, "The Cancelled girls will find every single person I’m talking about without fail. They'll message them and be like 'this is what she's saying' or like 'don't do this again.' So I try to be a little more careful about it now."

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She said she "still wants to share" her stories, though — albeit with some tweaks. "I’ll change up some details," said Schofield, so she can “tell stories without people getting into trouble."

Her comments come after Schofield posted a TikTok series on June 26 that purported to reveal alleged details about her relationship wi -

th her ex-boyfriend, singer Clinton Kane, 22, after he posted a video on June 25 seemingly directed at Schofield.

In the series, Schofield detailed the “blowout fights” she had with Kane at the time and accused Kane of faking his Australian accent and lying about the death of his mother and brother. 

“He finally admitted that he did, in fact, fake the death of his mom and his brother,” she claimed in the series. “His dad is dead, not that that’s a good thing. But there’s one out of three that are dead and the rest are still kicking.”

On June 27, Kane’s representative told PEOPLE that those claims were “untrue” and that “the public rehashing of these details is only an attempt to bring attention and focus on Brooke's podcast, at the expense of tearing down another former boyfriend — a tactic she's become known for.”

Schofield’s rep told PEOPLE that her response to Kane's statement was "hahahaha."

Schofield elaborated in a TikTok posted on June 29 and said that Kane’s statement “got my little feet kicking.”

“The Cancelled podcast listeners have known this lore all along,” she said. "I brought this to my TikTok for one reason and one reason only; it is because that man called me a yapper."

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