'We Go All In': Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Bald Look for New Movie

Mark Wahlberg went all in for his latest movie

Published Time: 03.07.2024 - 19:31:13 Modified Time: 03.07.2024 - 19:31:13

Mark Wahlberg went all in for his latest movie.

After recently revealing to PEOPLE that he opted to shave his head over wearing a bald cap for his new movie Flight Risk, Wahlberg, 53, shared a photo of himself on Instagram showing off the wild transformation.

The actor sported an amused look on his face as he posed shirtless for the photo. "No bald cap for me😎😂 we go all in @flightriskmovie October 18th 🤬😳🤣," Wahlberg wrote in a caption to his post.

Wahlberg cut his hair for his upcoming collaboration with director Mel Gibson Flight Risk, in which he costars with Michelle Dockery and Topher Grace. The movie stars Wahlberg as a pilot flying a federal agent (Dockery, 42) and a fugitive (Grace, 45) across Alaska, until Wahlberg's character reveals that he actually is a hitman sent to kill Grace's character.

"There was no bald cap. I shaved the middle and left the horseshoe around the sides," Wahlberg recently told PEOPLE of his approach to shaving his head, as seen in the Flight Risk trailer after his character's baseball cap is knocked off. "We just shaved it. They would shave the top as close to the scalp as possible every day, obviously, because we didn't have any stubble or anything. So I just hid it -

with a hat."

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"But the most priceless thing was seeing my wife's face when I took my hat off after getting the hair cut for work that day," he added. The actor also said that he believes his four children, whom he shares with wife Rhea Durham, will enjoy the upcoming thriller — in no small part due to his wild hair cut. "Oh, they're gonna love it. My kids — my boys especially — they loved the hair cut," he told PEOPLE. "They got a lot of laughs out of that."

Flight Risk marks Wahlberg's first time collaborating with Gibson, 68, as a director, though the pair have acted together before in movies like Daddy' Home 2 and Father Stu. While speaking with PEOPLE, Wahlberg explained why he would prefer to simply shave his head rather than wear a bald cap.

"For me, yeah, it's not fun," he said of wearing extensive makeup o nscreen. "You know, hopefully I can just kind of become the character. Wearing a fake — either a wig or mustache, I always feel like it feels ridiculous."Flight Risk is in theaters Oct. 18.

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