‘It Just Wasn’t Working No More’ : City Girls’ Yung Miami and JT Part Ways to Focus on Solo Careers

City Girls, the rap duo consisting of Yung Miami and JT, have parted ways to focus on their solo careers, at least for the time being

Published Time: 05.06.2024 - 00:31:25 Modified Time: 05.06.2024 - 00:31:25

City Girls, the rap duo consisting of Yung Miami and JT, have parted ways to focus on their solo careers, at least for the time being.

Miami explained that she and JT weren’t connecting like they’d used to around the time that they released their most recent album “RAW” in October, and that it made the most sense to record separately. “I think when the City Girls album just dropped, and it didn’t do too well and we was just trying to do our press run, the whole rollout of the album was just so bad because we was just in two different spaces,” she said in an interview with Complex. “You know, like, we older now and she was doing her own thing, she was on the west coast, I’m in Miami doing my own thing, and I felt like naturally, when she doing her own thing, it just work for her. And when I’m doing my own thing, it work for me.

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“But when we get together as a group, it just wasn’t connecting,” she continued. “It just wasn’t working no more. So I think we both was at a point where we was just like, we should probably just do our own shit. But that was the point for me.”

Those who’ve kept tabs on the duo may recall that their issues came to a public boiling point in April, when they went at each other on X (formerly Twitter). In the back-and-forth, Miami claimed that JT had been “sneak dissing” her for weeks, namely on the latter’s solo songs “No Bars” and “Sideways.”

“I know I come off crazy but never in my life did no wack shit to this -

girl,” wrote JT. “She literally enjoys seeing me being dragged when ppl show me love she goes crazy & call it a hate train! But like I said we can sit & talk about it! & I was for sure there for her from the beginning but y’all will see this in time that I’m not, never was & never will be the problem.”

Shortly after, they both tweeted that they’d ironed out their issues. “Jatavia we just got off the phone I’m so confused now we back to the internet,” wrote Miami. “Jatavia I love you. I’m moving on!” JT responded: “I love you more I actually love you the most!”

Together as City Girls, the raunchy duo first released its mixtape “Period” in 2018. That same year, they dropped their debut album “Girl Code” followed by 2020’s “City on Lock.” Around the time that “RAW” released, the pair spoke with Variety about how they hoped the album would change their public perception.

“I won’t say that people are just hating on us, I just see a lot of hate in the world,” said JT. “I hope that this album puts fun back into music from our direction. I hope it makes them fall back in love with us.”

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