‘Let’s All Sit Home and Watch Content on Streaming. While Scrolling. Miserable Face Emoji’ : Hugh Grant Slams ‘Unbearable’ Closure of Local Movie Theater

Hugh Grant recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to mourn the closing of his local U

Published Time: 10.07.2024 - 21:31:31 Modified Time: 10.07.2024 - 21:31:31

Hugh Grant recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to mourn the closing of his local U.K. movie theater. Cineworld announced earlier this month it was closing down Picturehouse, a boutique arm of movie theater chains that includes Grant’s beloved Fulham Road cinemas.

“Fulham Rd cinema closing after 94 years. Strangely unbearable,” Grant wrote to his followers. “Let’s all sit at home and watch ‘content’ on ‘streaming.’ While scrolling. Miserable face emoji.”

Several other members of the British film and television industry replied to Grant’s post with their own shock and owe over the movie theater’s closing. Broadcaster Terry Christian wrote: “Lived around the corner from a cinema as a kid – like something magic. We used to walk around and look at the stills of what was showing and imagine. Should protect them like the Fren -

ch do.”

Actor Michael Warburton wrote in a reply that the closing was “damnably sad and infuriating in equal measure,” adding: “Once these palaces are gone they don’t come back people!”

Grant most recently had supporting roles in Warner Bros.’ “Wonka” movie musical, which was led by Timothée Chalamet and became a box office hit with $632 million worldwide, and Netflix’s “Unfrosted,” which marked the feature directorial debut of Jerry Seinfeld. He next stars in the A24 horror movie “Heretic” and is reprising the character of Daniel Cleaver in the upcoming “Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy,” which will be released in 2025.

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