A 'Sampling of Shows' : Ariana Grande Hopes to Squeeze in 'Mini' Tour Between Her Wicked Films

Ariana Grande knows fans are clamoring to hear Eternal Sunshine live, and fret not, she’s working on a plan to make that happen

Published Time: 09.07.2024 - 22:31:05 Modified Time: 09.07.2024 - 22:31:05

Ariana Grande knows fans are clamoring to hear Eternal Sunshine live, and fret not, she’s working on a plan to make that happen.

The pop star, 30, discussed her vision for touring the new album — which dropped on March 8 — during the July 9 episode of the Shut Up Evan podcast. According to her, nothing has been set in stone just yet, but in an ideal world, she hopes to hold concerts for the LP in between the release of her upcoming Wicked movies.

“I still want it, too,” Grande told host Evan Ross Katz of kicking off a new tour. “I think it would be a really lovely idea to be able to trickle in some shows in between the two Wicked films. I think there’s a version of that that exists.”

The singer also shared a disclaimer that her yet-to-be-confirmed tour will not follow her traditional route “for a multitude of reasons,” noting that it’ll likely be a “mini sampling of shows” instead.

“I do think it’d be really nice to do that,” she added, “and it’s something my team and I are working on coming up with options for.”

No dates have been set for Grande’s tour yet, but fans do have something else to look forward to: another Eternal Sunshine deluxe album. Although the Grammy winner told Ross Katz that the updated LP won’t be a “super deluxe,” it’ll “definitely” feature brand new tracks she’s written recently.

“I’m really just tempted to put a creative button on this storytelling and I have a lot of ideas,” she explained of the forthcoming project. “And when I have a lot of ideas, I ju -

st have to follow them.”

Don’t expect the deluxe album to arrive “any time super soon,” though. According to Grande, she still wants Eternal Sunshine to “live in this current state a little while longer” while she works to make its follow-up “as special as it can be.”

“I have specific ideas, and I’m going to take my time to make them beautiful and perfect and then we’ll see,” she added. “I’ll let it be a surprise!"

On Sunday, July 7, the “Bye” singer celebrated the four-month anniversary of her seventh studio album — her first full-length release in nearly four years — with an Instagram reel of her album highlights, plus some never-before-seen studio footage.

“Wanted to share a few more of my favorite eternal sunshine studio memories. these make me so happy,” Grande wrote in a caption. “i cannot believe how much has happened already or that it has already been (and only been) four months. so grateful for all of the beautiful eternal sunshine memories so far and for all that is to come! love you all so.”

Since releasing her album, the Positions artist has treated fans to remixes of her hit songs, including “yes, and?” featuring Mariah Carey and a spin on “The Boy Is Mine” with Brandy and Monica, which arrived on June 21. Next, she stars alongside Cynthia Erivo in part one of Wicked, which hits theaters on Nov. 22. Part one is set to debut on Nov. 26, 2025.

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