All About Adrienne Bosh? Who Is Chris Bosh's Wife

For a couple that is so giving, it’s only fitting that Chris Bosh and his wife, Adrienne Bosh, met at a charity event

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For a couple that is so giving, it’s only fitting that Chris Bosh and his wife, Adrienne Bosh, met at a charity event.

The former Miami Heat basketball player first crossed paths his future bride in 2009, thanks to mutual friends who introduced them. After months of getting to know each other, they had their first date before making their relationship official.

The following year, Chris proposed to Adrienne at their Miami home and the couple quietly tied the knot in April 2011. They then planned an extravagant ceremony to celebrate their nuptials, which took place on July 16, 2011. Chris and Adrienne have since welcomed four children together in addition to a daughter from Chris’ previous relationship.

“Adrienne and I enjoyed a lot of pillow talk while we were dating about having kids and raising a big family,” the former NBA player previously told PEOPLE of growing their family. “It’s exciting to actually be doing it now!”

So who is Chris Bosh's wife? Here's everything to know about Adrienne Bosh and her relationship with the retired athlete.

Chris and Adrienne met in 2009 at a soccer charity event in New York that another NBA player was hosting. At the time, Adrienne apparently had no idea that he was a player for the Toronto Raptors.

“Chris was there and I was with my girlfriends,” Adrienne recalled to Baller Alert. “We ended up meeting up as a fluke, we met because my girlfriend was originally talking to one of his friends ... it was kind of one of those awkward moments where you’re just sitting there both in silence before polite small talk.”

Afterward, though, they got each other’s contact information and the pair kept in touch for several months before they met up again. He asked her out on their first date and before long, they were officially an item.

Following their April, 2011 nuptials, the Bosh couple said “I do” at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach in Florida in July the same year. Their 300 guests — including Serena Williams, Gabrielle Union, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade — spent three days celebrating their love.

“It was the Royal Wedding of Miami,” a guest told PEOPLE in July 2011 of the couple's nuptials. “Every detail … down to infusing different scents into every stage of production, from invitations to areas where the wedding festivities took place. There were eight essential oils and natural ingredients created for the couple and their guests. It was totally awesome.”

The festivities began with a 1950s Cuba-themed casino party on Friday night. The following day, the venue for the reception featured flowing orchids, scented candles and seating cards hung by silk ribbons. A Sweetheart Pool was created next to the ocean so guests could cool off from the heat. 

Adrienne opted for a strapless Oscar de la Renta gown along with a lace veil and belt. She wore $10,000 custom Christian Louboutin heels with the bottoms painted blue to fit the tradition of a bride wearing “something blue.” 

“To round out the weekend, Chris gave Adrienne a Cartier necklace and she gave him an Aston Martin,” the source added at the time. “Everything was over-the-top and special they will never forget it.”

Prior to his relationship with Adrienne, Chris and his ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis welcomed a daughter named Trinity on Nov. 2, 2008. Chris and Adrienne knew that they wanted to have a big family, and the couple ultimately welcomed four children together to bring their family to seven.

“I love having lots of children around, and a big family is wonderful for holidays and other tradi -

tions,” Adrienne told PEOPLE in 2020. “It’s really fun to watch them grow and become cohesive adults.”

The couple welcomed their first child together, Jackson Anthony, on May 3, 2012, and later welcomed their first daughter, Dylan Skye, on Nov. 4, 2013. On March 15, 2016, Adrienne then gave birth to their twins, Lennox Noel and Phoenix Avery.

Adrienne previously spoke about being a mom of five in an interview with parenting website, Mama and Tata in 2019.

"I have 5 children, and every single one of them has such a unique personality that is so different from the next. I never want to be the parent who tries to nudge my little one into being all of the unresolved things I am not," she told the outlet.Adrienne continued, "I approach them with empowering, affirming language. It’s extremely important to me that they embrace self-love and self-acceptance. Above all things, I want to raise my children to have strong self-esteem, empathy, and compassion for both themselves and others."

According to her Facebook page, Adrienne is a "mompreneur on a mission."

In November 2015, she launched her Miami Beach retail boutique, Sparkle & Shine Darling, with three attached event spaces for baby showers, weddings and other parties. The store featured lecturers, book signings, speaking engagements and more.

“I got the idea for the store after Chris surprised me with a celebration in Paris for my 29th birthday,” she told PEOPLE in 2015. “He created a tea party-like atmosphere for me there with all kinds of gifts that were bought at 25 stores and flea markets. I loved it, and when I got back, I wanted to do something like this all in one location.”

The physical location closed in 2018 when the family moved to Texas, however, there still is an Instagram presence for the store, which notes that Sparkle & Shine Darling is "currently recalibrating, redefining, refining our next steps!"

Bosh previously helped create a mentorship program called Team Tomorrow Inc. alongside her husband. According to the program's Instagram page, it was “dedicated to supporting community-based organizations that promote the upliftment of children, women, families and the community.”

As part of the program, the Bosh family held several annual fundraisers for local charity to support causes including donating to the military, and raising domestic violence awareness.

Adrienne also works with Every Mother Counts, an organization aiming to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for all mothers. According to her Instagram page, she is in the organization's founder's circle.

"Children’s causes are very important to me," she previously told Mama and Tata in 2019.

Her Instagram page also notes that she is a trustee and Very 'Rary 2024 co-chair for The Contemporary Austin, a contemporary art museum with two locations in Austin. Additionally, she is on the Texas Cultural Trust committee.

Adrienne boasts over half a million followers on Instagram, in addition to her X (formerly known as Twitter) and Facebook presence where she frequently writes inspirational messages or shares calls to action.

On X, she often shares posts in support of Every Woman Counts, and in 2023 posted about fundraising for a run she was participating in to raise money for the organization.

She also had a personal website where she shared her endeavours and wrote about her life, and has frequently contributed to Haute Living.

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