All About April Kimble? Who Is Lyle Lovett's Wife

Singer Lyle Lovett is a married dad to twins, and he's grateful for every moment of fatherhood

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Singer Lyle Lovett is a married dad to twins, and he's grateful for every moment of fatherhood.

Lovett, who was almost 60 years old when his children were born in 2017, has been in a relationship with their mother since 1997.

Lovett married April Kimble the same year the two welcomed their twins. They have both guarded their privacy throughout the years, and little is publicly known about Kimble and the family’s life together. Still, what has been shared was largely done through Lovett’s 2022 album 12th of June, which is named after the date the children were born.

The project featured the song “Her Loving Man,” which is a tribute to Kimble. In the tune, Lovett mentions that she has been wise and understanding as they've navigated different chapters of their lives together. Through it all, the singer-songwriter says in the track, he is still dedicated to "worshipping her."

So who is Lyle Lovett’s wife? Here's everything to know about April Kimble and her relationship with the country star.

Lovett and Kimble reportedly wed in 2017, but their relationship began years before that. According to U.K. newspaper The Sun, the pair met all the way back in 1997 and got engaged in 2003.

Lovett was previously married to Julia Roberts from 1993 to 1995, and it’s believed that her relationship with the singer was Kimble’s first marriage.

In February 2022, actress Holland Taylor shared a snap posing with the couple on her Instagram page, after they had attended her performance of the play, Ann, about former Texas governor, Ann Richards, at the ZACH Theatre in Austin, Texas.

"If you’re playing Ann Richards, this guy in your corner is a genuine thrill! @lyle_lovett. Here seen backstage at @zachtheatre in Austin with his bride April Kimble," Taylor, 81, wrote in part in the post's caption at the time.

Lovett and Kimble guard their private lives fiercely: The pair welcomed their twins on June 12, 2017, a date that the singer immortalized in his 2022 album 12th of June.

While promoting the record, Lovett spoke to Billboard about the meaning of the album's title track and how it connected to experience of fatherhood.

“At the core of it, really, is just being grateful for family and finally having a chance to be a dad after all these years — and also being sort of grateful for not realizing what I was missing all this time,” he told the outlet.


Lovett continued, “It really is a looking back on your life perspective and then just feeling grateful to have these little ones and grateful I’ve had my parents and my family that got me to this point.”

The performer echoed that sentiment in an interview with The Washington Post. While he was nearly 60 when the twins were born, Lovett hasn’t let his age slow him down as a dad.

He told the outlet, “It’s wonderful. I mean, I’m so grateful to have had this experience at all. I always imagined having children. But I had absolutely no idea how much I would enjoy it.”

Lovett and Kimble’s twins are the inspiration behind the singer’s record 12th of June. As he told PEOPLE in May 2022, the then 4-year-olds also inspired at least one of the songs on the album, “Pants Is Overrated.”

He shared, “I made the song before the pandemic. I started singing one day as I was trying to convince my then 2-year-olds to put clothes on. And I just thought to myself, they probably have it right.”

“That was the beginning of that song,” he added. "I do think, though, that ... then the pandemic happened, right? I may have caused it, but I could have had some help.”

The singer also said that when he thinks of home, he thinks of his wife and their children.

"First, home is family. But in my case, home is this farm place in east Texas that my great-great-grandfather came to in the early 1850s," Lovett recounted. "Home is keeping my family's place as intact as I can. And teaching my children about this place and their place in the family.”

Lovett’s 2022 album is about more than parenthood — his songs also focus on his marriage, and the joy he has found with Kimble. In an interview with The Orange County Register, he revealed that the song “Her Loving Man” is an ode to his wife.

“I did focus on these particular songs and wanted it really to represent this part of my life because it really is the main thing going on for me," he said. "I thought, of (the) subjects I can authentically represent, that (fatherhood) really is the best one right now."

Lovett continued, "I hope one day when my children are old enough to understand those songs and understand what they’re about that they will take from that, that their dad loved them. That’s all I really care about.”

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