All About Clay, James and Harry: Annie Potts' 3 Children

Annie Potts is known for playing a beloved mom and grandma on Young Sheldon, and she’s as devoted to her three children off-screen Clay, James and Harry

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Annie Potts is known for playing a beloved mom and grandma on Young Sheldon, and she’s as devoted to her three children off-screen: Clay, James and Harry.

Potts became a mom for the first time when she and her former husband, B. Scott Senechal, welcomed their son Clay in 1981. After their split, she married Emmy-nominated director and producer James Hayman, and together, they welcomed sons James and Harry in 1992 and 1995, respectively.

Though Potts saw early success with Ghostbusters and Designing Women, she decided to slow down to spend more time with her boys. Despite their age gaps, the trio has formed tight bonds with one another, and the actress couldn't be happier.

“Now that they’re proper grown ups, they’re really close,” Potts said on the Really Famous podcast in 2019. “Honestly, their relationships are everything I’d hoped — they love each other, they support each other, they make each other laugh. The youngest and the oldest are both writers, and they always put their work past their brother first.”

Here's everything to know about Annie Potts' children: Clay, James and Harry.

Potts and Senechal welcomed their first and only child together, son Clay Samuel Senechal, on April 29, 1981.

Not much is known about his upbringing, but he did attend the 1989 premiere of Ghostbusters II with his mom. Decades later, Clay graduated from Brown University in 2004 with a bachelor's in English — a degree he put to good use when he followed Potts into the entertainment industry.

Clay describes himself as a writer, creator and executive producer on LinkedIn, having worked for major studios like DreamWorks, FX and Prime Video. He even wrote a Netflix animated film in which his mother voiced a character, and shortly after its release, she celebrated his accomplishment on his birthday.

“My wonderful son Clay turns 40 today,” she wrote on Instagram in 2021. “He is everything I dreamed he would be. ❤️❤️ (PS Watch his movie Arlo the Alligator Boy now streaming on #Netflix! I’m one of the voices... ????).”

In his personal life, Clay welcomed a baby boy with his partner, author Anna Carey, in 2022. “Meemaw 2.0! My first born has his first born,” Potts wrote beside a series of photos of her second grandson and oldest son. “Welcome Silas! My heart is exploding! .“

Potts often brags about her grandchild, including sharing a photo of him holding a book as an infant. “Silas, (my newest grandson) is quite advanced... ????,” she joked.

Two years after Potts and Hayman married, they announced the birth of their son, James Powell Hayman, on May 28 -

, 1992.

James, who goes by "Doc" online, was inspired by his parents to go into the movie industry, having worked on the production side of films and shows, including Lisa Frankenstein, No One Will Save You, Hit Man and Renfield. He even involved in three episodes of his mom’s hit show, Young Sheldon, before it ended in 2024.

RENFIELD COMES OUT TODAY!!” he wrote on Instagram in April 2023. “My first full staff job as a Background PA, 2.5 looong months of nights, some blood (a lot of blood), sweat, and tears poured into this film, and probably one of the hardest productions I’ve ever worked on."

Apart from working behind the camera, James is also a DJ and musician, who often promotes his gigs on Instagram. However, he made a different kind of announcement when he shared that he was going to be a dad. “The Best Song I’ve ever written is coming this summer. Release Date: July, 2021," he wrote alongside a photo of a sonogram.

James and his partner Katrina Engle welcomed a son in 2021, and Potts was ecstatic. “We’ve GOT ONE!!!” the actress wrote on Facebook. “Introducing our very first grandchild. Cassius James Hayman! ???? He was born today at 11am and weighs 8 lbs. We are THRILLED!”

Today, James lives in New Orleans with his family, but he took a “boys trip” with Cash in November 2022 to celebrate his mom’s birthday.

“Popped out to LA to help my Mom celebrate 70 rotations around a hot gas ball in space… but most importantly Cassius got to see his FANCY and meet his new cousin!” he wrote on Instagram. “So bittersweet to be home for so short but happy to have also given @katrinaaamaylee a quiet house for a few days ????Love you mama! @thisisanniepotts.”

Potts and Hayman completed their family with the birth of their second child, son Isaac Harris Hayman (who goes by Harry), on Dec. 27, 1995.

Harry has done a bit of acting in shows like Joan of Arcadia and Hot Hot Los Angeles, but these days, he’s more focused on poetry. Though his Instagram is private, he describes himself as a ”poet. talker. and vigilance relaxed” in his bio.

Potts shares occasional glimpses of her youngest on her own Instagram, including photos of their travels together. They enjoyed a diving excursion in Anguilla in 2021 and took a trip to England two years later.

Harry leads a private life, but when he was young, he joined his parents on the red carpet for the 1999 premiere of Toy Story 2, in which Potts voiced the character Bo Peep.

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