All About His Sons and Daughters: Andrew Lloyd Webber's 5 Children

While Andrew Lloyd Webber gained notoriety for composing beloved musicals such as The Phantom of the Opera and Cats, he also welcomed five kids Imogen, Nicholas, Alastair, William and Isabella

Published Time: 01.04.2024 - 17:31:14 Modified Time: 01.04.2024 - 17:31:14

While Andrew Lloyd Webber gained notoriety for composing beloved musicals such as The Phantom of the Opera and Cats, he also welcomed five kids: Imogen, Nicholas, Alastair, William and Isabella.

The Oscar winner welcomed his oldest two children, Imogen and Nicholas, during his first marriage to Sarah Hugill. Later, he and his third wife, Madeleine Gurdon, expanded the family with Alastair, William and Isabella.

Each of his children has entered into the music and entertainment industry. Andrew's oldest son Nicholas followed in his father's footsteps as a composer, beginning his career at age 14 as a tape operator for one of Andrew's albums. Nicholas died in March 2023 from stomach cancer, but not before he worked on several productions including BBC One’s Love, Lies and Records.

At the time of his son’s death, Andrew said, “I am shattered to have to announce that my beloved elder son Nick died a few hours ago in Basingstoke Hospital. His whole family is gathered together and we are all totally bereft.”

Andrew's other children have continued in their creative careers. Imogen works internationally as a royal correspondent and news contributor for ABC, while sons Alastair and William co-founded the artistic representation company The Other Songs in 2018. His youngest daughter Isabella works as a director and runs her own creative studio.

From their education to their careers, here is everything to know about Andrew Lloyd Webber’s five children.

Imogen was born on March 31, 1977, and is the elder child of Andrew and his first wife Hugill.

After attending Cambridge University, the British author and journalist moved to New York City, where she has contributed to and worked as a contributor at MSNBC. Imogen started working as an ABC News Contributor in April 2018 and became a senior vice president at Concord Theatricals the year prior, per her LinkedIn.

According to her website, Imogen has also written books, including The Single Girl's Guide, and produced musicals and concerts.

Andrew and Hugill welcomed Nicholas on July 2, 1979 and the composer's eldest son quickly followed in his father’s footsteps. By the age of 14, he was working as the tape operator on the record Sunset Boulevard: World Premiere Recording, which was a London recording of his father’s musical by the same name.

As an adult, Nicholas was most known for his work on BBC One’s Love, Lies and Records. In 2021, he worked on his dad’s album Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cinderella, and earned a Grammy nomination for the score.

In March 2023, Andrew announced that Nicholas had been diagnosed with stomach cancer — his eldest son died from his illness later that month. Weeks after, Andrew wrote a moving essay for The New York Times in honor of his son. He shared, “'An apple a day, if well aimed, keeps the doctor away.' I was speaking in P.G. Wodehouse quotes with my eldest son, Nick, who was in hospice, wher -

e he was being treated for cancer just days ago.”

"We hugged and said our goodbyes. The next day, my son died,” he continued. “Nothing's worse for a parent than the death of a child.” Andrew dedicated his final performance of The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway to Nicholas.

Andrew and his third wife Gurdon welcomed their first child, Alastair, on May 3, 1992. Like many members of his family, Alastair has built his career in the music and entertainment industry. According to his LinkedIn profile, he began working as an audio assistant at Capital FM in August 2009 before moving on to work at Island Records as an A&R manager.

In January 2018, Alastair and his brother William co-founded The Other Songs, an independent company that represents artists, songwriters, producers and animators. The pair have also launched The Other Songs Live, a concert experience to share performances and interviews with the artists they represent.

In May 2023, Alastair explained the purpose behind the events. “In a saturated artist market, songwriters are often under-appreciated. TOSL was founded to create a live platform for songwriters to get their songs, thoughts and ideas heard," he wrote on Instagram.

“We have used the platform to highlight wider issues, such as the streaming sales imbalances between records and publishing, and we created a standard label royalty to songwriters on our own label, whilst encouraging others to do the same,” he continued.

Alastair married Jenny Webber in August 2021 and on Oct. 26, 2023, he shared on Instagram that they had welcomed their daughter Cleopatra Deia Lloyd Webber.

Andrew and Gurdon welcomed William, who typically goes by Billy, on Aug. 24, 1993. The couple's middle child is named after his grandfather. Billy co-founded The Other Songs with his brother Alastair and has also worked within the music and entertainment industry for several years.

Billy’s LinkedIn profile indicates that after attending the University of West London, he worked at Warner Music Group in A&R for nearly four years. Soon after, he co-founded The Other Songs with Alastair.

The music executive also leads Another Rhythm Records, an independent record label, and the "sister" to The Other Songs, per their Instagram bio.

Andrew's younger daughter Isabella, who was born on April 30, 1996, is just as creative as the rest of her family.

In 2018, Isabella joined Digitas UK as a creative intern before moving on to three-month stints at both Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Soon after, Isabella joined the team at Be-Hookd, where she worked as a content coordinator and then creative strategist.

Isabella founded her own creative studio called Studio Bella in 2021. Per her website, she now works as both a director and on the creative end of promoting a film or project. Isabella began production on her second short film, Tinfoil, in December 2023.

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