All About Mae Planert? Who Is Mark Normand's Wife

Comedian Mark Normand met his wife, Mae Planert, doing what he does best — comedy

Published Time: 07.07.2024 - 23:31:04 Modified Time: 07.07.2024 - 23:31:04

Comedian Mark Normand met his wife, Mae Planert, doing what he does best — comedy.

The pair first met when Normand was performing standup comedy in New York City, and they dated for six years before getting engaged in July 2021. They later wed in November 2022.

Planert, who has a career in brand partnerships, shared on an episode of the Wife of the Party Podcast that she did a “cliché comic girlfriend thing” and became a comic herself, but likes to keep distance between them when it comes to work.

“I didn't wanna be a cliche, and I didn't wanna use him for anything, so I've been really focused on keeping our careers separate," she explained. "Obviously his career looks a lot different than mine but ... I wanted to make sure I was doing it on my own."

So who is Mark Normand’s wife? Here’s everything to know about Mae Planert and her relationship with the fellow comedian.

Planert grew up in Sandwich, Mass., about 60 miles outside of Boston. She attended Thayer Academy where she was a goalie on the girls hockey team. In 2012, she graduated from Roger Williams University with a bachelor of arts degree in media communications.

After college, she moved to Boston and worked for Education First as a Global Education Consultant before moving to New York to work for Gilt, LinkedIn and SEVENROOMS in various account executive roles.

Since 2019, Planert has worked for SKEEPERS, where she facilitates brand partnerships between creators and brands.

Planert was on a date with someone else at The Stand Comedy Club in N.Y.C. when she saw Normand, who was performing onstage. After saying goodbye to her date and receiving a bit of encouragement from her roommate, she sent the comedian a message the next day via Facebook.

“We made eye contact last night, so I take it we’re in love now?” she wrote, referencing a joke from his set the night before about him being so awkward that if he and a woman make eye contact, they’ll be in love.

Six years later, Normand proposed in July 2021 during her family’s annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

In addition to her corporate job, Planert does standup comedy and has performed at venues -

across the country.

“I feel like I'm more of a writer than I am a stand-up, I'm coming to find out. ... I like the community around standup. You meet a lot of really fun people and it's just a good time,” she shared on the Wife of the Party Podcast.

Planert continued, “I like when something bad happens to me that I'm like, ‘Okay, good. I can make this into a joke,’ as opposed to being like, ‘Damn, that whole, that s----- thing happened to me.’ So it feels like you're always writing, but never writing.”

Normand and Planert said “I do” on Nov. 10, 2022, in New Orleans. Fellow comedian Sean Patton officiated the ceremony in a historic garden.

The pair enlisted the help of Bailey Rose Events to organize the special day, which included touches like a second line parade around the French Quarter, espresso martinis poured down a custom ice luge, a live painter and more.

“I’m sure every bride says this, but wedding dress shopping was simultaneously my favorite part and my least favorite part,” Planert told Over The Moon.

She wore a Lela Rose dress and accessorized the look with a cape from Etsy, a Lelet NY headpiece and Jeffrey Campbell heels.

After their wedding day, the newly married couple went on a honeymoon to Amsterdam and South Africa.

Planert is the co-host of the Risque Business News podcast with fellow comedian Laura Sogar.

Launched in December 2020, Planert and Sogar offer weekly commentary on topical news, deep dives into various brands and more.

Between her work ventures and Normand’s, the pair can have conflicting schedules at times, but Planert says maintaining independence in her marriage is something she enjoys.

“You know what I think is interesting is that I'm totally fine with, you know, being independent, doing things on my own, going places on my own,” she told Wife of the Party Podcast  host LeeAnn Kreischer. “And you know, seeing Mark when I see him, and being flexible and not seeing him as often as my friends that you know have the same schedules as their husband.”

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