All About Miranda Cosgrove's Parents, Chris and Tom Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove credits her parents with keeping her grounded throughout her long career in Hollywood

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Miranda Cosgrove credits her parents with keeping her grounded throughout her long career in Hollywood.

The iCarly star was born in Los Angeles on May 14, 1993, to mom Chris and dad Tom Cosgrove. She began acting just a few years later, after being scouted by an agent at age 3. While Chris and Tom weren’t sold on the idea of her working in the entertainment industry at first, they ultimately decided that modeling and acting could be a good way for Miranda to save money for college.

Early on, Miranda landed her breakout role as a precocious student in School of Rock. Afterwards, she quickly became the darling of Nickelodeon, where she starred as the scheming little sister on Drake & Josh and later, as the lead on the hit show iCarly.

Miranda later went to college, reprised her iCarly role in the 2021 revival and starred in her first rom-com in 2024, Mother of the Bride.

“My parents, they’ve been a big help for sure,” the actress said on the Today show in 2016 when asked what’s kept her steady through the years. “I really do like spending a lot of time with them and I always know I have somebody to go to.”

From staying out of the spotlight to sharing a house with their daughter, here’s everything to know about Miranda Cosgrove’s parents, Chris and Tom Cosgrove.

Miranda was first scouted by an agent when she was 3 years old. Chris initially bristled at the idea of her young daughter working in the spotlight, but eventually decided it could be worth a shot if it would help her to set aside money for her education.

“Our big plan when we decided to do this was to get money for college,” Chris told The New York Times in a 2011 profile on Miranda. The actress was later named the highest-paid child actress on television by Guinness World Records in 2010.

Chris and Tom have always remained far from the spotlight, aiming to maintain a sense of normalcy for their daughter as she skyrocketed to stardom in her early teens. As of 2011, the pair still lived in the home Miranda grew up in in Downey, Calif., and Tom owned a dry-cleaning business where he worked every day.

“We don’t feel like we’re a part of her world,” Chris told The New York Times. “Like what are we going to do later? And, you know, it’s not our money. So we’re doing our own thing,” she said of sticking to their pre-Hollywood lifestyle.

They also advocated for Miranda to stay in public school for as long as she could, but coordinating her school and filming schedule grew increasingly difficult by sixth grade.

“It took a lot for my mom to give in,” Miranda said. “I remember her asking: ‘Are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure you want to stay in acting?’ ”

For her part, the actress was initially excited about the prospect of home school. “At first I was kind of happy to be home-schooled,” she explained, “because all my friends were afraid of that first day of middle school. But actually it’s harder. You’re all alone."

To that point, Chris made sure Miranda was always able to carve out time to see her childhood friends, helping her maintain close relationships outside of Hollywood.

Chris has remained by Miranda’s side for all manner of events, from red carpet premieres to talk show appearances, concerts, press appearances and more. She was on hand during Miranda’s 2016 chat with Today, where the actress praised her parents’ grounding presence and noted they were both in the audience.

Chris also appeared by her daughter’s side at a few appearances in 2008, from that year’s Nickelodeon upfront to a Broadway play. Miranda has also shared a handful of throwback photos of herself with both parents on social media over the years.

Dating comes with its own particular set of constraints and complications as a child star, and Miranda's parents have supported her through them. In 2011, the actress recalled an instance where her mom actually trailed her and her date to a restaurant — something th -

e mother-daughter duo recalled with humor.

“It’s not the way it sounds,” Chris told The New York Times, adding, “I was going to have to pick her up at the restaurant anyway, so I figured I might as well go then and wait.”

For his part, Tom isn’t a fan of Miranda’s typical type. “I always go for like really thin and nerdy,” she told Bustle in 2024. “In my dad’s mind, the perfect guy for me would be somebody kind of like in The Notebook. You know how Ryan Gosling’s character, Noah, basically built an entire house? My dad would love Ryan Gosling in that movie for me."

The Kids' Choice Award winner added, "When I got into my last relationship, I remember telling him, ‘I really like this guy and I think I’m maybe going to end up with him.’ And my dad was like, ‘What can he build?' "

The Despicable Me star attended her dad’s alma mater, University of Southern California. In 2012, the actress started at the school and initially majored in film studies before switching to psychology in her third year.

During a 2017 appearance on Live! With Kelly and Ryan, Miranda opened up about her decision to switch majors. “My dad did psychology at USC too, but now he owns a dry-cleaning business,” she said, adding, “He still says he uses it all the time though.”

Chris acknowledged at the time that the decision for Miranda to focus on her studies could negatively impact her career, but that there were potential advantages to taking a break as well.

“Yes, it could make her lose momentum,” Chris told The New York Times. “I understand that. But if the talent is there, it will always be there. And in a way, maybe when you come back you won’t be stuck in the stigma of being the child star. So it could be an advantage.”

Miranda spends most of her time in her parents' house, although she purchased her own L.A. home in 2012, shortly before the final season of iCarly aired.

The actress even previously played a college student who returns home to live with her family on Crowded, and joked that the show wasn’t so far off from her own living situation.

“I feel like everybody wants to find a way to get out and be independent, but for me, it was like all of a sudden I had this place that I could go live at and I was like, ‘Oh no.’ My mom is not doing my laundry and I have no one to watch TV with at night,’ ” she told PEOPLE in 2016.

In one Instagram caption, Miranda lovingly referred to her mom as her “late night TV watching buddy for life.”

Miranda's parents make annual appearances on her Instagram when shares sweet tributes and throwback photos of her family for Mother’s and Father’s Day.

“It’s Mother’s Day and my Birthday today!” she wrote when ringing in her 30th birthday in 2023. “I’m feeling extremely grateful for my insane, hilarious, amazing Mom and for all the memories I’ve been able to create over the last 30 years."

In 2017, she shared an image of her parents standing together and holding her up. “My little family! Happy Mother's Day to my amazing, perfect Mom,” Miranda wrote. “She tells me what to do even though I'm old and she's always there when I'm sad. I love you!"

As for her dad, Miranda has highlighted all the things he’s taught her over the years, from how to memorize her lines to learning how to ride a bike. “Happy Father’s Day ... always ready with his tool box to fix anything, hilarious Dad. I love him so much,” she wrote in 2021, sharing a slew of throwback photos featuring her dad gazing adoringly at her.

To mark Father’s Day in 2017, the actress sweetly described her dad as the “best Dad ever!” Miranda added, “He's always there for me, always around to give me good advice, and always willing to beat me at an intense game of scrabble. I love you!!!"

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