Amazon Secretly Dropped Fourth of July Lego Sales — and Prices Start at $12

Along with fireworks and plenty of celebrations, the Fourth of July often brings tons of swoon-worthy sales, too

Published Time: 03.07.2024 - 13:18:39 Modified Time: 03.07.2024 - 13:18:39

Along with fireworks and plenty of celebrations, the Fourth of July often brings tons of swoon-worthy sales, too. Lucky for you, Amazon’s deals hub is jam packed with deals this holiday, including discounts on your favorite Lego sets. From Harry Potter to classic bricks and Star Wars Lego deals, there are plenty of on-sale builds for both kids and adults.

To make your shopping experience a breeze, we rounded up the 10 best Lego deals available now. But, be warned — the sale only runs through July 4, so be sure to add your favorite discounted Lego sets to your cart before it’s too late.

Add some decor to your shelves or desk in the form of this Lego orchid set for adults, featuring 608 pieces like moveable stems, blooms, roots, and leaves. These Lego flowers have received nearly 14,500 five-star ratings, with one shopper saying, “This is a nice kit, and it looks so realistic.”

Star Wars Lego fans aged 9 and up will love recreating scenes from The Empire Strikes Back with this 625-piece Tie Bomber build, which comes with a Gonk Droid, three minifigures (including Darth Vader), and accessories. This set has been purchased more than 2,000 times in the past month, and one five-star reviewer wrote: “Bought this for my nephew, and he absolutely loved it.”

Potterheads can build the beloved house-elf Dobby with this 403-piece Lego Harry Potter model, which features the poseable character, Aunt Petunia’s pudding cake, Tom Riddle’s diary, Harry’s sock, and a nameplate. One reviewer said, “Me and my son had a blast building this one,” while another added: “Dobby is such a fun Lego, he looks adorable.”

Lego Marvel fans ages 4 and up can prepare for an epic showdown with this fun set, which includes Rhino, Spidey, and Hulk, as well as two vehicles, Spider-Man’s jetpack, and a bank vault. One shopper, who bought the set for their grandson said, “Along with loving Lego, he also loves Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man, so this set had it all.”

For builders aged 4 and up who want to really get creative, this large box of -

790 classic bricks in 33 colors is ideal, and it comes with its own storage box to make cleaning up easy. These Legos have over 24,000 perfect ratings and more than 5,000 purchases have been made in the past month alone. 

Lego flower enthusiasts, prepare to add another centerpiece to your home; this building set is ideal for ages 8 and up and contains 191 pieces that can be assembled into two vibrant sunflowers. Over 7,000 shoppers have added this set to their cart in the past month, and one shopper enthused, “They came out super cute and were an incredible date idea for me and my girlfriend.”

Minecraft fans can now take the video game into the real world with this 427-piece Lego set, which features a large diamond sword, toy base, explosive tower feature, and minifigures like a skeleton, pig, and a Sentinel Soldier. It has a 4.9-star average and one shopper called this set a “great gift for Minecraft players.”

Recreate scenes from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with this immersive Lego building kit, which features the Black Lake pier with a minifigure diving function, five minifigures including Victor Krum with a removable shark head, and accessories. It’s now 20 percent off and has a 4.9-star rating, with one shopper saying, “It was easy to assemble and a fun build.”

If you want a truly impressive Lego Marvel experience, this Daily Bugle Newspaper Office set is “the best Spider-Man set ever,” according to one reviewer, who called the price tag “worth it." The 3,772-piece build includes four stories of easily accessible rooms like Bugle's Editor-in-Chief office and 25 iconic minifigures (as well as some exclusive ones, too).

This 584-piece Star Wars Lego set for ages 18 and up is perfect for adult fans of The Mandalorian, as you can build the bounty hunter’s helmet and display it on the brick-built stand with a nameplate. It’s now 20 percent off, and a five-star reviewer wrote that it “looks very striking in person.”

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