Anna Cardwell's Friends and Family Say Their Goodbyes When Her Health Rapidly Declines and She Nears Her Final Breath

When Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell neared her final days, her friends and family were by her side

Published Time: 29.06.2024 - 05:31:12 Modified Time: 29.06.2024 - 05:31:12

When Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell neared her final days, her friends and family were by her side.

In the June 28 episode of Mama June: Family Crisis, Anna's condition took a dramatic turn and Mama June Shannon called her hospice nurse to check her vitals. After taking her pulse and other tests, the health care professional confirmed that Anna was "transitioning" and would soon die following her cancer journey.

"Anna's had a few rough nights and last night was really rough. I mean, she was shallow breathing and we all slept in the living room. I can tell things are different, that is the reason why hospice is here," Mama June teared up telling cameras. "No matter how much you knew it was going to happen, it is still f---ing like, what?"

Though the family braced for Anna's final days, Mama June admitted that the confirmation of the news "still takes a minute to process" and it has been hard to accept.

"When the hospice nurse says Anna's transitioning, you know what that means. If you want to say goodbye or make your peace with Anna, this is the time to do it," she continued, her voice thick with emotion.

"I can't give you a time frame," the nurse admitted. "We just never know how fast things are going to change."

Soon after, the family began making their calls and informing Anna's loved ones about her condition. Anna's daughters hugged her while her husband Eldridge remained by her side. Among the people who came to say their final goodbyes was her father and her grandmother, with whom Mama June is estranged.

Despite the ups and downs the two have had over the years, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Efird admitted that "Mama has done right by Anna" and given her what she wanted during her final days: for her family members to get along.

As people came in and ou -

t of their house, the head nurse told Anna's immediate family that she wouldn't be "surprised" if Anna doesn't make it past the weekend. The news sent them over the edge and Pumpkin frantically called Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson to move up her flight home from Colorado.

Eventually, Alana arrived on a red-eye flight and headed straight for the house. Before she walked in, Mama June did her best to prepare her youngest and told her that Anna had been asking for her. The family gathered where Anna was resting on the couch in the living room, and after being unable to eat or drink for the last few days, Anna was incoherent and could barely keep her eyes open.

When Alana informed her older sister that she successfully finished her first semester of college, Anna told her how proud she was, though her speech was garbled.

"Anna saying to me ... that she was proud of me and stuff when I told her that I finished my first semester of college. It was crazy because I wanted Anna to be able to see me graduate college and now that's not even going to happen," Alana told cameras through tears.

That evening, Anna died surrounded by her friends and family members. In a video message, Mama June revealed that Anna died "peacefully" and had "won her battle because Anna's no longer suffering."

"We were all just sitting there talking," Alana said in a video of her own. "And she took her last breath. I really wish she could have seen me graduate but that'll be okay because she's watching over me."

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