Brandy Plays a Woman Living with a Racist Mother-in-Law in Chilling The Front Room Trailer

Brandy plays an expecting mother dealing with a troubled mother-in-law in her new horror movie

Published Time: 20.06.2024 - 17:31:09 Modified Time: 20.06.2024 - 17:31:09

Brandy plays an expecting mother dealing with a troubled mother-in-law in her new horror movie.

The singer-songwriter and actress, 45, is returning to the horror genre for the first time since 1998's I Know What You Did Last Summer with A24's The Front Room, in which she costars with Kathryn Hunter (Poor Things) and Andrew Burnap. As the trailer for the new movie shows, Brandy's character Belinda's life grows more difficult when her father-in-law dies and her husband (Burnap) learns his mother (Hunter, 67) must move in with the soon-to-be-parents.

After moving in, Belinda and her mother-in-law Solange quickly learn they do not see eye-to-eye; she moves in to the room Belinda expected her baby to take after her birth and chastises the couple over their plans to name their daughter Fern.

As Belinda learns more about Solange's attachment to her religion, her husband reveals Solange believes the Holy Ghost possesses her and grants her powers — and that she is a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, an association of people descended from soldiers who fought for the Confederacy in the United States' Civil War.

With the baby's birth approaching, -

Belinda grows to believe Solange is genuinely evil; the trailer ends with her struggling to get Solange to pronounce her name correctly.

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"Everything goes to hell for newly-pregnant Belinda after her mother-in-law moves in," reads an official synopsis for the new movie. "As the diabolical guest tries to get her claws on the child, Belinda must draw the line somewhere…"

The Front Room is written and directed by filmmaking duo Max Eggers and Sam Eggers, who previously collaborated with their brother Robert Eggers on Robert's films like The Lighthouse and The Witch. Brandy last appeared on the big screen in 2023's holiday-themed rom-com Best. Christmas. Ever! and is next expected to appear on screen in the Disney+ movie Descendants: The Rise of Red in addition to the new horror film.

In addition to Brandy, Hunter and Burnap, The Front Room also costars Neal Huff.

The Front Room releases in theaters Sept. 6.

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