Corona Is Fully Committed to Boyfriend Ingi — but Doesn't Know His Last Name and Is Hiding a Big Secret: 90 Day

90 Day Fiancé newcomer Corona is keeping some secrets as she prepares to move out of the U

Published Time: 02.07.2024 - 05:31:04 Modified Time: 02.07.2024 - 05:31:04

90 Day Fiancé newcomer Corona is keeping some secrets as she prepares to move out of the U.S. on the season premiere of The Other Way.

The certified doula, who met boyfriend Ingi at “5 a.m.” at an afterparty in Iceland, left behind her “dream” spot at University of Pennsylvania’s graduate school for midwifery so she could move across the ocean. She told the cameras on the July 1 season premiere that she and Ingi traveled to Ireland together after briefly meeting months prior, but haven’t seen each other in person since.

“I knew for sure that I did not want it to end,” she said. “He treats me like a queen and I love him. We need to be together forever.”

She explained that there is only one midwifery school in Iceland, and although it feels “weird” to leave behind such a big opportunity, she said Ingi was worth it.

“If two years ago, Corona would talk to Corona right now, they would fight,” she admitted. “You’re stepping away from a midwifery program, like a guaranteed spot? I’d be like, ‘What the hell you dumb bitch? For a man?’”

She confessed she did question her decision, but realized her dream is no longer going to UPenn and instead is spending the rest of her life with the man she loves. 

“I’m going to follow my heart,” she said.

In terms of marriage, Corona also revealed that she and Ingi have not even discussed engagement.

“Me and Ingi have danced around the marriage talk,” she said. “He’s already said, ‘What’s mine is yours,’ so I think we’ve already begun intertwining our lives.”

Corona later traveled from her home in Pennsylvania to visit her family in Dallas and share the news of her big move. When she dropped the bomb, her mom was quick to push back.

“You’re going to give up your dream for him?” she asked. “You’re going blinded by love.”

She added: “It sounds a little one-sided, like ‘I’m after him’ and not ‘he’s after me.’”

Corona’s sister and grandmothe -

r agreed, but noted that she “is going to do what she wants to do.” They also inquired about how well Corona truly knows Ingi.

“So we’ve only spent like 20 days together in person,” she explained. “But I met him over a year ago.”

Her sister asked if Corona knew Ingi’s last name and date of birth, but she couldn’t answer because she didn't know. She also revealed that he hadn’t ever been in a relationship despite being 38.

“I don’t think anything is wrong with him, he was just waiting for the right person,” she said.

Her family insisted “something’s wrong with him,” but Corona said she was sure there wasn’t. 

While Corona may have realized how little she knows about Ingi, he also doesn’t fully know her either.

“I’ve been soft-partnering him,” she joked. “So in times when I want to pop off, I take a few deep breaths and I come at it as if I was approaching like a Bunny, and I just come at it real soft.”

She said she isn’t ready to show Ingi the other side of her when they haven’t spent much time together.

“This person he’s in love with, it’s not the real you yet,” her grandmother told her.

Corona responded in a confessional, saying, “Everyone wants to put their best foot forward, and I think the major skeleton in my closet is my anger issues. I don’t want to blow it by just unleashing the beast because this is the most important relationship I’ve ever been in.”

“It don’t sound promising,” her mom said in a final note.

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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