Edie Falco 'Couldn't Stop Crying' During The Sopranos Finale Table Read with Her Castmates in 2007

Edie Falco cried while reading the script for The Sopranos series finale

Published Time: 23.06.2024 - 21:31:18 Modified Time: 23.06.2024 - 21:31:18

Edie Falco cried while reading the script for The Sopranos series finale.

In a retrospective piece about the acclaimed HBO series for CBS News, the actress who portrayed Carmela Soprano revealed she was emotional during the read-through of the final episode, titled "Made in America."

"I was out of control. I was embarrassed," said the four-time Emmy winner, 60, reflecting on the table read with her castmates in 2007.

"I really couldn't stop crying, it was ridiculous," she continued. "It was, ‘This thing in this moment will never happen again to me, to anyone.’ ”

The series finale's infamous cut-to-black still has fans arguing whether or not Tony Soprano was killed in the final moment.

When told that the show probably changed many people's lives, Falco agreed, saying "I think all of ours, in all kinds of ways."

The Bupkis actress also spoke about her dynamic with her onscreen husband, the late James Gandolfini, who portrayed Tony Soprano. She called it "a matter of alchemy."

"We both had Italian families, had some idea of -

what this dynamic feels like, and just sort of fell into it with great ease," said Falco, who has never married. "It was, you know, a 10-year marriage. And it was as close to a real one as I had known."

Falco portrayed Carmela on The Sopranos from 1999 until 2007. She won three Emmys and two Golden Globe awards for this role.

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Though Falco looks back fondly on her years as part of the Soprano family, the Nurse Jackie star previously told PEOPLE in March how her kids, son Anderson and daughter Macy, had never seen The Sopranos.

"They're so over it," she said. "They've never seen it. Either of them."

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"But I hope that maybe someday they will and maybe they'll like it,” she added. ”But yeah, they're not impressed at all."

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