France Televisions Boards BBC’s ‘Zelensky’ Docuseries (EXCLUSIVE)

France TV have inked a production deal with Fremantle to board BBC docuseries “Zelensky” (working title)

Published Time: 11.07.2024 - 12:31:28 Modified Time: 11.07.2024 - 12:31:28

France TV have inked a production deal with Fremantle to board BBC docuseries “Zelensky” (working title).

The documentary series, from Fremantle’s 72 Films, is being made in collaboration with The Open University and includes interviews with both the Ukrainian leader and his wife as well as on-the-ground footage as Ukraine battles to maintain independence in its assault from Russia.

“‘Zelensky’ takes an unfiltered and personal look at the astounding transformation of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky from comedian to iconic war hero,” reads the logline. “The docuseries examines Zelensky’s transformation from comedy actor to calculating war commander, artfully combining his performer skills in his addresses and monopolising the media conversation to become one of the most recognised leaders on the planet.”

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The three-part series is set to air on BBC Two and iPlayer in the U.K. this fall, while France Télévisions will debut a shorter 70-minute version as part of documentary strand Le Monde En Face later this year on France 5 and

David Glover exec produces for 72 Films and Michael Waldman directs. Fremantle is repping global rights to the series.

“It is always a pleasure to be working with the talented teams at France Télévisions and our colleagues at 72 Films on another bold a -

nd compelling series,” said Al De Azpiazu, senior VP for distribution for French-speaking Europe, Italy, Spain & Portugal at Fremantle. “Featuring incredible access, each episode offers a profound insight into the personal and political journey of Zelensky from those closest to him. At Fremantle, we are dedicated to telling powerful stories and we are thrilled to share this one with audiences in France and around the world.”

Caroline Behar of France Télévisions, said: “France Télévisions is proud to be teaming up on ‘Zelensky’ with long-time partner Fremantle, and the exceptionally talented 72 Films with whom we partnered with on ‘The Trump Show’ in 2020. As a public broadcaster, our mission is to support creative content that decodes historical events and current affairs to give our audience the keys to understanding the present. ‘Zelensky’ will take an intimate look at the Ukrainian President and depict different facets of this complex character from his debuts as an actor to his role as leader of a country at war, locked in a conflict with global ramifications. We’re delighted to rediscover 72 Films’ uncompromising style in this fresh, modern series.”

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