Goldie Hawn Says She Would Love to Make a Movie with Her Family Before They All Get 'Too Old'

Goldie Hawn has an idea in mind for her next acting project

Published Time: 19.06.2024 - 22:31:05 Modified Time: 19.06.2024 - 22:31:05

Goldie Hawn has an idea in mind for her next acting project.

Hawn, 78, appeared on the Wednesday, June 19 episode of SiriusXM's Let's Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, and shared that she wants to make a movie with her family of actors after host Kelly Ripa pitched her on a Thanksgiving dinner-themed reality series involving her kids.

"What I would love, actually, before we all get, you know, too old, it would be so great to do a movie together," Hawn said. "Wouldn't it? It would be so fun and so crazy and oh my God."

"It's all about a writer," Hawn said after Ripa, 53, asked why the family hasn't set out to make a movie together already. "I have to get permission first from my family."Rather than get permission first, Ripa jokingly suggested Hawn spring a movie on her family by inviting them to a party and then revealing the party was the first scene for the movie.

"Here's how it goes: You tell them you're having a party for Kurt Russell. What they don't realize is it's a party scene for the opening of the movie, so they just all arrive and then after the first scene is shot, surprise, surprise," Ripa said. "You pitch the idea for the movie and you've already got the opening scene in the can. They can't argue with it. The establishing scene has happened."

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"Oh my god. It's really true though. It's a mess. It would be a mess," Hawn said of the idea, before she noted an actual project the family is considering working on together. "We might do something with Oliver that is a cartoon, so in other words, we would all be the voices of that. That would be a lot of fun."

Hawn has been in a relationship with her partner, actor Kurt Russell, since 1983. Together, the pair share four children, three of whom actively work in film and television as actors, including Kate Hudson, 45, and Oliver Hudson, 47, whom Hawn shares with her ex-husband Bill Hudson, as well as Wyatt Russell, 37, whom Goldie and Kurt welcomed together in 1986. Goldie is also a stepmom to Kurt's oldest son Boston, 44, with his ex-wife Season Hubley.

Goldie's appearance on Ripa's podcast was the second of a two-part interview; in the first segment released on June 12, she told Ripa that her daughter Kate, 45, "thinksOliver's my favorite."

"I tried to say to her, 'You know, nobody's really my favorite. ... You're all different. But the truth is ... your firstborn is always one of the most interesting and memorable experiences, particularly because you don't have other children," she said at the time. "You only have one — until you have the second one."

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