Jason Biggs on How 'Special' It Was to Work with 'Genius' Eugene Levy on American Pie, 25 Years Later (Exclusive)

Jason Biggs is looking back at the movie that jumpstarted his career

Published Time: 16.06.2024 - 20:31:17 Modified Time: 16.06.2024 - 20:31:17

Jason Biggs is looking back at the movie that jumpstarted his career.

The actor, 46, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of American Pie, teaming up with EDWARDS® Desserts to reimagine the film's unforgettable pie scene. For Biggs, it's "crazy" to think of the time that's passed since the 1999 movie.

"What that time has given me is perspective and real appreciation for the impact that the movie has had around the world," Biggs tells PEOPLE. "Wherever I travel, people want to talk to me about it. There's now another one or two generations of people that have seen the movie, identified with the movie, liked the movie. It's been a really, really special thing for me."

Biggs says the film "changed my life in so many ways," and has given him community with the fandom.

"The way that I really feel it today is with the fans. Every time someone comes up to me, and it's every day, it's such a positive interaction. People have nothing but good things to say," he shares. "And also, because of the time now that has elapsed, people talk about it with such nostalgia and reverie and recollection of a certain time in their life, and it's really great."

He continues, "Now, of course, there are new fans of the movie, which is really cool and special, but there are people of a certain age, meaning my age, that have grown up with this movie and with me. And so there's a real special connection that I have with them, and it's very cool to be here 25 years later and still talking about it."

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Biggs is thankful that "25 years later, I can sit here thanks to this partnership I have with EDWARDS® and be able to deliver some content to fans of the franchise."

"I think it will make them laugh, will make them nostalgic," he says of the re-imagined pie scene, where he walks in on his little boy eating an entire EDWARDS® anniversary apple pie.

"EDWARDS® and I have been partners for a little while now, but what we decided to do for the 25th anniversary of the movie was pay homage to that scene and to the classic apple pie that's in that movie," he says, adding that the new pie is "amazing."

"It's pretty elevated with salted caramel and white chocolate cream and spiced apple compote. It's luxe."

As for the new scene, Biggs explains, "From my end, I thought, 'Hey, wouldn't it be really cool if we could do a remake of the pie scene, but with a reimagined version of it where I'm in the Eugene Levy."

Working with the esteemed comedic actor, who played his dad in the 1999 classic, was a very "special" opportunity for him.

"I remember when he was cast, he came in and we did a rehearsal day before filming ever started, and we just went through all -

of the scenes and improvised so much," Biggs recalls.

"First of all, I loved him before this. Splash is one of my favorite all-time movies, and I loved SCTV. I went home that day thinking, one, he's so genius, and I got to hang with him. And I did. I hung with him. I tried my best to hang with him comedically."

He continues, "But also, some of the stuff that we came up with was so special, and on top of what was already a very funny script, you just think, 'Oh God, this is going to be really, really funny.' "

Now a dad himself, Biggs says that he doesn't have "that awkwardness" that's a signature of Levy's character.

"But the sweetness, and the honest attempt to connect with his son that Jim's dad has, it comes from such a loving place. It's incredibly awkward and hilarious — obviously, for the sake of the movie — but there is a real sweetness there that I like to think I have with my kids," Biggs says of sons Sid, 10, and Laz, 6.

"Now, granted, they're much younger. I haven't had to have the talk with them yet, so we'll see how it all unfolds," he laughs.

Looking back at the making of the 1999 film, Biggs remembers realizing what a special thing the entire cast had as they got together.

"That first day was also the table read. When I met the rest of the cast ... and hearing everyone's voice as the character for the first time, I'll never forget that day."

Along with his memories, Biggs says he has taken home some mementos from the making of the film and its sequels.

"I have a storage unit somewhere that has lots of fun stuff, including the very original script, which was not called American Pie," he says.

"There's also the photo, I have the picture on the wall in my house in the movie, in the hallway when I walk out of my bedroom ... I remember taking that photo. It was one day on set before the scene happened. The set photographer was like, 'We need to take this photo. We're going to put it up on the wall. It's going to be this funny photo.' "

"We all, without asking the other person how we were going to pose, we all did this ridiculous grin. And then they blew it up and they put it up on the wall and we saw it the day of filming and we just died," he laughs. "I have the photo. I have that. I have that, so that's a good one."

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Fans of Biggs and American Pie can bring home EDWARDS® Desserts Anniversary Apple Pie and get the chance to win some signed memorabilia in the process.

"You can go to pieloversunite.com and enter to win one yourself from now until June 26," Biggs says. "Additionally, you can win some American Pie memorabilia. I have signed some posters and there's a script signed by the cast and lots of cool things."

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