Jenn Tran Kicks Off Bachelorette Season with 'Something Completely Unprecedented'! Butts, Bandages and Bare Feet

The clock struck shot o’clock on Monday, July 8, which meant Jenn Tran’s season of The Bachelorette officially began

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The clock struck shot o’clock on Monday, July 8, which meant Jenn Tran’s season of The Bachelorette officially began.

The season 21 premiere opened by teasing Jenn’s proposal day, in which she told an unidentified suitor, “I can’t let you propose to me.”

But back at Hummingbird Nest Ranch, Jenn, 26, kicked off her season with excitement about meeting her soulmate. “I’m so ready to find love and I can’t wait to start my journey as The Bachelorette,” she told the cameras.

Army ranger veteran Marcus, 31, stepped out of the limo first and told Jenn that he wanted to serve his country, go to space and find his person. And since some of those things already happened for him, Marcus hoped true love awaited him.

Luxury event planner Marvin, 28, wowed Jenn next by speaking French. “Marvin is tall, tall and hot, hot,” Jenn told the cameras. “I like Marvin.”

Entrepreneur Sam N. told Jenn he deemed himself “a love virgin” because, at 25, he’d never been in love. Day trader Grant, 30, beatboxed out of the limo, and then contractor Sam M., 27, told Jenn, “It’s shot o’clock,” referring to her now-signature phrase.

“Sam M. is a hottie,” Jenn said in an on-camera interview. “He’s got a lot of southern charm.”

Later, aesthetics consultant Brian, 33, and insurance executive Matt, 27, also brought their own types of shots.

Real estate broker Brendan, 30, tried to prove to Jenn that he could handle the heat by taking a bite of a hot pepper, while sommelier Dakota, 27, popped a bottle of champagne. Tomas A. won Jenn over by arriving with puppies. “I don’t know how anyone’s going to top that,” she declared afterwards.

Jonathan rolled up in a hospital gown and face bandages, claiming he felt lovesick. “What’s most important for me is that you get to know me for what’s inside, rather than what’s outside,” the creative director, 27, said to Jenn.

He also teased, “I can be a bit cheeky,” before walking into the house and exposing his bare butt.  

Jeremy proceeded to roll up in a sports car, but the real estate investor assured Jenn he wasn’t trying to compensate for anything. “In fact, I have a really big — I know — like, a really big penis,” Jeremy said.

Freight company owner Devin told Jenn, “It’s not every day you get to meet your future wife.” Jenn decided that the 28-year-old gave her “a Pete Davidson vibe.”

Hakeem closed out the limo arrivals by showing up with dozens of balloons tied to his back. “I brought the celebration for the most beautiful Bachelorette ever,” the medical device salesman, 29, said to Jenn prior to getting caught in a tree when he entered the house.

After meeting her 25 men, Jenn headed inside to give a toast.

“I hope you guys are here for something serious, here for a ferocious love,” she said when addressing the group. -

“That’s what I want. I’m not perfect, I don’t expect you guys to be perfect. And we’re just going to have some fun with it.”

Sam M. grabbed Jenn first, and she decided they had an "undeniable connection."

Tomas initiated a game of Truth or Dare during which sales executive Austin, 29, streaked around the house and algebra teacher Moze, 25, admitted he ghosted people “all the time.” “I don’t know about that one,” Jenn said.

When Jenn sat down with Jonathan, he let her unwrap his bandages. “It’s kind of like unwrapping a birthday present,” she said to Jonathan.

After seeing his face, Jenn told the cameras, “Jonathan is very, very hot and he’s getting me hot.”

Brian tried to take Jenn for a ride in Jeremy’s sports car, and then Devin told Jenn he liked when a girl had her toenails painted — and asked if he could get a bite of her feet.

“You’ll understand that I like you when I give you a bite of my feet,” she responded.

Jenn ultimately gave the first impression rose to Sam M.

“I don’t always, you know, pick the right men, but there is something in my gut that’s just telling me that there’s something here,” Jenn said to Sam M. “And I’m really excited about it and I’m really excited to get to know you a lot more.”

Jenn and Sam M. kissed, and the Bachelorette described the smooch as “feral.”

At the rose ceremony, Jenn opened up by thanking her suitors.

“I feel like the most special girl in the world, so I seriously want to thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she said. “You know, being in this position, I am going to have to make some difficult decisions, so if you do go home tonight, I am so sorry. But I want you guys to know sincerely, I thank you so much for just even being here.”

Jenn offered roses to Dylan, Tomas N., Spencer, Grant, Marcus, Tomas A., John M., Jeremy, Devin, Brian, Aaron, Jahaan, Hakeem, Jonathan, Austin, Marvin and Sam N., which left seven men heading home.

The physician assistant student informed her remaining suitors that they’d be continuing to get to know her in Australia.

“I do have some news that’s going to change everything for you guys,” Jenn said to the men. “Tomorrow, none of you guys are going to be here. We are doing something completely unprecedented that has never been done before. We are going to Melbourne, Australia.”

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The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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