Mackenzie McKee Learns Options for Getting Pregnant as a Type 1 Diabetic with Her Tubes Tied (Exclusive)

Mackenzie McKeeis exploring her options to grow her family

Published Time: 27.06.2024 - 22:31:19 Modified Time: 27.06.2024 - 22:31:19

Mackenzie McKeeis exploring her options to grow her family.

In an exclusive clip shared with PEOPLE from the upcoming episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, the 29-year-old mom of three visits her doctor with fiancé Khesanio Hall. The couple is hoping to add to their family, but Mackenzie's health presents unique challenges.

The doctor notes that Mackenzie — who shares Broncs, 7, Jaxie, 10, and Gannon, 12, with ex Josh McKee — had a tubal ligation seven years ago and asked if she's interested in a tubal reversal.

"So we'd schedule the surgery to see what the tubes look like. And then, if everything looks good and you're a good candidate to do the reversal, then we do the reversal," the doctor explains to the couple. "Then we do the reversal and then we try at home. In your age category, where you're close to, there's a 15 to 20% success rate."

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The news clearly comes as a shock to Mackenzie, who clarifies with the doctor, "So there's only a 20% chance of getting pregnant after tubal reversal."

The doctor confirms, adding, "That's if nothing is wrong — like the sperm looks good, hormones are good, you're ovulating."

Mackenzie then asks about other options, at which point the doctor informs her that "IVF (in vitro -

fertilization) pregnancy rates are around 65 to 70%."

The doctor explains the process wouldn't require surgery because only the ovaries and uterus are needed to undergo IVF. Khes then asks about the cost.

"Ballpark would be anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000," the doctor says.

Mackenzie also asks about the doctor's experience with type 1 diabetics.

"The only thing that we require for getting pregnant with type 1, diabetes is having that A1C number at a 6.5," the doctor says, emphasizing, "We are very strict on where we're at with that number in terms of getting you pregnant."

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The couple revealed their engagement news last month. At the time, Mackenzie spoke with PEOPLE about how her beautiful beach proposal and what Khesanio means to her and her children.

Noting that she and her ex Josh currently "don't co-parent," Mackenzie said she's hopeful for the future. In the meantime, "My kids are raised by Khes."

"He is security for all of us. The hero that came to our rescue. I love his love for them," she raved.

"It’s not just a stepdad relationship, it’s a true love deep in his heart. I know my kids wouldn’t want life any other way than for Khes to be a part of it forever."

Teen Mom: The Next Chapterairs on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.

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