Martin Short Revives Iconic Jiminy Glick Character for Hilarious Interviews with Sean Hayes and Bill Hader

Jiminy Glick still knows to conduct an interview to comical effect

Published Time: 29.06.2024 - 05:31:08 Modified Time: 29.06.2024 - 05:31:08

Jiminy Glick still knows to conduct an interview to comical effect.

Martin Short reprised the off-kilter character while guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, interviewing guests like Sean Hayes and Bill Hader. While neither actor could keep a straight face during their respective conversations, Short, 74, managed to, while keeping the zingers coming.

During his chat with Hayes, Short — in character — quipped the 54-year-old actor looked “unrecognizable” because of plastic surgery (that he'd never had), offered Hayes donuts which Short sneezed on (“Stupid COVID!” he added), expressed indifference to Hayes’ breakout show Will & Grace and took a jab at the actor’s podcast SmartLess, which Hayes cohosts with Jason Bateman and Will Arnett.

“You’re doing SmartLess,” Short said and Hayes replied, “Yeah, it’s a podcast."

“It’s a podcast,” Short repeated, laughing, and Hayes insisted, “You should do a podcast.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve never been that broke,” Short deadpanned.

Referring to Hayes’ Tony Award win in 2023 for best actor in a play for his portrayal of Oscar Levant in Good Night, Oscar: “You won a Tony Award… in a very soft year, I bet." And to celebrate the actor’s birthday on June 26, Short brought out a birthday cake, cutting off Hayes a small slice and keeping the rest for himself.

During his chat wit -

h Hader, 46, Short — once again as Glick — feigned disappointment in not landing an “A-lister.” “I was hoping for an A-lister, but I’m thrilled to have you, Bill… Hader,” he said.

“You rushed over here — you’re staying at Diddy’s pool house,” Short joked, evoking laughter from Hader.

“I’m not at Diddy’s pool house. Not anymore. Not ever. Not ever,” Hader emphasized.

Elsewhere in the interview, Short asked Hader, who was a Saturday Night Live castmember for eight seasons from 2005 to 2013, what SNL boss Lorne Michaelssmells like.

“I would think it would be like a combination of chicken piccata and silver dollars,” mused Short before issuing the actor a backhanded compliment, “This is a nice outfit — if you’re a catburglar.”

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Although Hader has won two Emmy Awards for his work on HBO’s dark comedy Barry — both for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series in 2018 and 2019 — Short seemed less-than-impressed with Hader and the show's four-season run from 2018 to 2023.

“What are you doing next?” Short asked. “Let me guess? Nuh-uh nothing.”

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