Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood's Relationship Timeline

BeforeMelissa BenoistandChris Woodwere a real-life couple, they were saving the world together as a dynamic duo of superheroes on The CW'sSupergirl

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BeforeMelissa BenoistandChris Woodwere a real-life couple, they were saving the world together as a dynamic duo of superheroes on The CW'sSupergirl.

When they first met, however, both stars were in relationships with other people. Notably, Benoist was married to formerGleecostarBlake Jenner, whom she divorced in 2017.

That same year, Benoist and Wood were photographed getting cozy while on vacation together in Cancun, Mexico,according to E! News. The two were also spotted together in Los Angeles and eventually made appearances on each other's social media.

"Let's never stop exploring ❤️," Woodcaptioned a photo of Benoiston Instagram on Valentine's Day 2018.

The couple got engaged in February 2019 and wed six months later. They had their first child in September 2020.

From costarring as Supergirl and Mon-El in the Arrowverse to becoming parents off-screen, here's everything to know about Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood's relationship.

Benoist and Wood initially met on the set of Supergirl, where Benoist played the lead character.

They were both in other relationships at the time — Benoist was married to Jenner, and Wood was linked to formerContainmentcostar Hanna Mangan-Lawrence. After two years of marriage, Jenner and Benoistfiled for divorcein 2016. Theirdivorce was finalizedin 2017, while Wood and Lawrence reportedly split in January 2017.

Wood and Benoist proved they had crossed one major milestone off their list: meeting each other's families.Wood posted a snapof the couple smiling with his mother on Instagram.

Months later, heposted another photo of the couplewith his mom and their dogs.

The costars were snapped at LAX after returning from the set ofSupergirlin Vancouver,reported Just Jared. They were seen laughing and looking comfortable as they walked through the airport.

Wood shared his praises of Benoist in an Instagram post that also doubled as a shoutout for his mental health campaign IDONTMIND. 

"This brilliant woman is a light. Her heart has remained open and full despite the many difficulties she has faced," hecaptioned a wintry photoof Benoist and a quote card. "Her generous spirit fills the world with more love. I continue to be in awe of her."

The actor founded IDONTMIND in 2017 to help others speak more openly about mental health. The purpose is "to realize that 'perfect' is not attainable, and to invest that energy on healing instead. Talk about how you feel — seek help, and stay open," he wrote.

Benoist opened up about her relationship with Wood in an Instagram post that featured asnap of him kissing her cheekon a riverbank. "Whew boy this is big love," she wrote. "This love wholly accepts me and encourages me to unapologetically be myself, and to unapologetically love myself — whoever that self is day after day."

She added, "This love challenges me to be a better person and recognize that even when things aren't easy or pretty, they should always be respectful. This love is the one I was always looking for, and I never should have accepted less."

TheWhiplashactressannounced her engagementto Wood on Instagram by posting a picture of her hand with a giant ring, writing, "yes yes yes it will always be yes♥️."

In the photo, Wood can be seen kissing Benoist while a fire blazes in the background.

The couple took a break from the Hollywood hustle to enjoy a camping trip together in Yosemite National Park. She postedpictures on Instagram of Woodabout to walk through a waterfall and theircamping setup, writing, "unpluggedness has been grand."

Just six months after getting engaged, Wood and Benoisttied the knotin Ojai, Calif., over Labor Day Weekend in 2019.

Wood and Benoist hit a major milestone just weeks after getting married — their first red carpet appearance as newlyweds. Theymade their married couple debutat the 2019 Saturn Awards in Hollywood, whereSupergirlwon best superhero television series.

Benoist waited several months to post photos of her wedding day with Wood. 


"I'm always going to remember looking at you every five minutes on this day knowing both of us were thinking 'how in the world did we get so lucky?' I still don't understand how, but you prove to me every day that I'm one of the damn luckiest out there," shecaptioned a sweet snapof the two embracing in a hallway.

Injoint Instagram poststhat featured their dogs and a snap of Wood pretending to look pregnant, the coupleannounced they were expectingtheir first child together.

"A non-canine child is coming to our family very soon!!! ??? @christophrwood has always been an old dad by nature but now he's going to be a real one!," Benoist wrote.

Wood and Benoist announced the sex of their baby in March 2020.

"My little boy is gonna rock 990s just like his dad and that makes the world feel a little less sad today," Wood captioned aphoto of adult and child-sized sneakers.

Benoist and Woodwelcomed their first child together, son Huxley Robert, in September 2020. She shared the news on Instagram, writing that she had given birth "a few weeks ago."

"Our son was born his name is Huxley he's amazing," Woodwrote on Instagram, joking, "And no it's probably none of your business xo brb see you in 18 years."

The new parents are both relatively inactive on social media, and Wood took the time to explain why in a Twitter post at the time (his account has since been deleted). Citing his mental health, he said he doesn't like the way social media makes him feel.

What does the actor enjoy? His family. 

"I delete the apps from my phone and spend time with my wife and son instead," he said. "And that makes me feel terrific."

Benoist shared aheartfelt message on Instagramto celebrate Wood's 33rd birthday.

"Happy birthday, sweetheart. odds are you won't see this, but I felt like shouting from the rooftops how wonderful you are and how glad I am you were born," she wrote.

After six seasons,Supergirlcame to an endin 2021. Its series finale featured a cameo from Wood, who played Mon-El, along with returning former castmates Mehcad Brooks andJeremy Jordan.

Benoist shared amessage for fans on Instagrambefore the episode aired, writing, "happy finale-ing to all tonight, from the Danvers sisters' couch to yours."

"So unbelievably proud of you, @chistophrwood ❤️," Benoist wrote on Instagram to caption a red carpet photo with Wood on opening night of theBroadway musicalAlmost Famous.

Celebrating his Broadway debut, Wood played Russell Hammond, lead guitarist of Stillwater, the fictional band featured in the stage adaptation ofCameron Crowe's semi-autobiographical filmfrom 2000.

Benoist and Wood are officially a Broadway power couple — Benoistmade her own Broadway debutfour years earlier as a replacement inBeautiful: The Carole King Musical, playing the titular singer-songwriter.

Netflix revealed that Benoist had been recruited to join the voice cast —alongside her husband — of Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revolution, the follow-up He-Man adaption of 2021's Revelation.

Wood, who voiced Prince Adam / He-Man in Revelation a few years earlier, continued voicing the lead character for Revolution, which premiered on Netflix on Jan. 25, 2024.

For Masters of the Universe: Revolution, Wood's wife voiced heroine Teela, as Benoist replaced Sarah Michelle Gellar, who did so in Revelation.

“GUYS. I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO SEE THIS,” Wood wrote on Instagram when teasing the animated series. “It exceeded my wildest dreams and expectations, and I think you’ll all love it. Such a blast bringing He-man (and sweet small Adam) to life again and going on this wild ride. ... Also: shoutout to my favorite actor and wife@melissabenoistwho joins us as Teela and she KICKS MAJOR MOTU BUTT.”

In the 2024 Netflix series, Wood and Benoist voice-acted alongside Mark Hamill, who voiced Skeletor, and William Shatner, who voiced Keldor.

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