Nick Viall Tries to 'Stay Offline' to Avoid Rumors About Marriage to Natalie Joy After Harry Jowsey Calls Him Out

Nick Viall is addressing online speculation that his wife Natalie Joy had an affair after they got engaged

Published Time: 28.06.2024 - 00:31:16 Modified Time: 28.06.2024 - 00:31:16

Nick Viall is addressing online speculation that his wife Natalie Joy had an affair after they got engaged.

Cheating rumors initially emerged on Reddit in May, but Netflix reality star Harry Jowsey recently fueled the fire by commenting on Joy’s alleged infidelity in an Instagram comment on Tuesday, June 25.

“He can’t keep my d--- out of his mouth ????,” the Perfect Match season 2 star, 27, wrote in response to a fan saying Jowsey was “getting roasted” by Viall. “50 year old man gossiping about people in their 20’s dating, he should be more focused on his wife cheating on him and repairing that then sic worrying about me ????????.”

Now, on the latest episode of The LadyGang podcast, the former Bachelor, 43, admitted he is aware there are “a ton of rumors” about his relationship with Joy, 25, adding, “And I know that I'm unaware of 90% more cause I don't read it.”

The Viall Files podcast host — who married Joy in April, two months after welcoming daughter River Rose —noted that he avoids reading news about himself.

“I don't read my own press, I don't read my comments,” he explained. “I'm not on Reddit — I actively stay off of it. And I'm just unaware of things that people say.”

Viall has learned to take criticism with a grain of salt, saying, “As much as I say I stay offline, I'm sure I've had my moments of weakness.” 

The TV personality first found himself in the spotlight limelight when he appea -

red on The Bachelorette in 2014.

“I had to get better and better at this. And it's just amazing, you know, when something happens and you're just terrified of  what people might be saying,” he added. “And then, like, two days go by and then people move on. You're just like, if I had just not ever been made aware about this, I would have never known about it, and I wouldn't have been stressed for two or three days.”

Viall's decision to take a step back from reading news coverage also helped to protect his mental well-being. 

"I'm really good at protecting my mental health and the mental health of my family,” he shared. “And, I mean it when I say it, like, I've always liked to work. I've enjoyed work. Like, the more I build the show, the less famous I want to be. I mean that."

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The reality star noted that he believes that Joy put “a little bit of a target on her back” by appearing alongside him as a cohost on The Viall Files. He shared that his wife has “gotten much better” about handling criticism.

However, Viall noted, “You will never be able — you can never have thick enough skin to handle whatever rumors are about you.”

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