Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Spends Easter with All 5 of Her Kids and Shares a Look at Their 'Big Meal'

Ree Drummond had a wholesome Easter at home! On Sunday, the Pioneer Woman star, 55, filled her empty nest

Published Time: 01.04.2024 - 05:31:09 Modified Time: 01.04.2024 - 05:31:09

Ree Drummond had a wholesome Easter at home!

On Sunday, the Pioneer Woman star, 55, filled her empty nest. Her five kids with husband Ladd — Alex, 26, Paige, 23, Bryce, 21, Jamar, 21, and Todd, 19 — all celebrated the spring holiday on the Drummond ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Also there for the sweet gathering were Alex's husband Mauricio and Paige's boyfriend David.

In an Instagram post, Drummond shared a photo of the family of nine, showing several of them sporting various shades of pink to celebrate the early weeks of spring. The group's dogs could be seen trying to get in on the family fun, too.

"The dogs are so generous, they made sure to let us know before we accidentally left them out of our family Easter photo," she joked in the caption.

On her Instagram Story, the TV host also gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at exactly what goes into a big Easter feast in her household.

"The run-up to the big meal!" she captioned the sped-up clip, which showed everyone running in and out of frame as they did a variety of tasks around the kitchen.

Finally, Drummond was ready to reveal the final product. She shared a Story post showing off their Easter dinner — complete with what looked like steak, salad, potatoes and asparagus — set, fittingly, to Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing."

She also shared some individual Story photos of each of her kids and their respective partners — along with one outtake of their group shots where Ladd can be seen creeping into the background of a photo of all the girls.

Last year, the cookbook author and her family had a low-key Easter. All five of her children were back home, and they opted for a more relaxed meal — served on paper plates!

"Easter at Chuck & Nan's house, the way it's always been. We miss them, they loved Easter," Ree wrote on Instagram in memory of Ladd's late father and -


"We skipped the ham and sides and wound up doing biscuits and gravy on paper plates," she explained before joking, "Maybe paper plates are why I'm smiling in these pics? 😂."

She concluded the caption by saying it was "so great to be together — our big, wacky crew."

While the Drummond kids may not be home all the time between work and college, Ree recently spent some quality time with Paige, Bryce, Todd and Paige’s boyfriend.

She shared some sweet snaps of the group, who posed outside of their local church. 

“Poker yesterday, church today ♣️⛪️. I’ll take ‘em however I can get ‘em!” she quipped in the caption. 

Ree previously introduced Paige’s new boyfriend in a blog post that detailed their winter holiday festivities.

“Okay. I buried the lede. This is David. He's Paige's ‘friend.’ Not her friend, mind you,” Ree joked in the caption of a photo of the pair. “Her ‘friend.’ I won't go into detail because that's Paige's place to do...but the smile on her face might give you some idea of how Paige feels about her new friend. I mean ‘friend.’ I mean, I'm going to stop writing this caption now!”

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While in Vail, Colorado, on their family vacation, she opened up about the quality time she spent with her youngest daughter and her boyfriend.

“David was only able to stay for the first three days, so on his last day, I went out to breakfast with him and Paige,” she wrote. “You'll notice my plate was even more full than during my solo breakfast two days earlier. If you eat early in the day, the calories don't count!!”

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