Pregnant Lindsay Hubbard Reveals Identity of Mystery Boyfriend — Meet Dr. Turner Kufe

Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard is ready to introduce her new man following her breakup with fiancéCarl Radke

Published Time: 10.07.2024 - 22:31:09 Modified Time: 10.07.2024 - 22:31:09

Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard is ready to introduce her new man following her breakup with fiancéCarl Radke.

Hubbard, 37, is dating Royal Pharma Vice President of Research and Investments Turner Kufe, PEOPLE confirms. The couple are currently expecting their first child together.

"To think where I was this time last year is insane to me. Looking back on it, it's just so clear to me that the universe had a plan," she recently told PEOPLE.

"The journey is really just crazy," she added. "All of a sudden, for a girl who's always wanted to be a mom, there I was at 37 years old, staring down the barrel of being single and questioning when dreams of having a family would happen. And then this incredible man comes back into my life and next thing you know, I'm pregnant. It's like the universe was saying, 'See? This is the time. This is the guy. Now you're ready.' I feel like my prayers were answered."

The reality star alluded to Kufe on the April 25 episode of Watch What Happens Live when she talked about bringing a date to a wedding in Portugal earlier that month. Radke, 39, also attended the international affair, as did their costars Amanda Batulaand Kyle Cooke.

"I don't interact with Carl," Hubbard told host Andy Cohen. "So there was no ... there was nothing there. But yeah, I brought a date and he's someone special."

The influencer talked about Kufe again without naming him on the May 21 episode of the Bitch Bible podcast, explaining that they dated early on during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it turned out to be "bad timing" for both of them.

"He broke things off with me, but he did it in such a respectful way,” Hubbard said. “I went back and was like, ‘Let me see what this guy said.’ It was the nicest text ever, ‘cause most guys will just ghost you or fade away or disappear or whatever.”

She shared that Kufe reached out again in December 2023 — one month after Hubbard originally planned to marry Radke in Mexico — and she "put him on ice for a month" before agreeing to a lunch date in January. “Some of my friends call it a 'boomerang,' where you go out the first time, the timing wasn’t right, and then they come back around," she told Bitch Bible host Jackie Schimmel. "So that’s basically what happened.”

Hubbard said that Kufe "never watched" Summer House and she claimed he was "unfazed" by her being on reality TV.

"He’s like, ‘I respect you and that’s what you do,’ but he doesn’t care about it,” the former publicist said. “He’s successful in his own field and has a great job. He works very hard, is extremely driven and ambitious and, yeah, and keeps me happy in the bedroom.”

On the May 9 episode of WWHL, Radke, joined by housemate Jesse Solomon, weighed in on how it felt seeing Hubbard move on.

"It seems like she's happy and moving along," he said. "I'm honestly, I wish her all the best. I hope he treats her well and I hope she's happy. That's all I can ask for."

Solomon, 31, chimed in: "I'll be curious to see if that new boyfriend watches the show and what he thinks."

Radke acknowledged to Hubbard during the first part of the Summer House season 8 reunion that he knew about her new relationship.

"You're happy now," Radke -

said to Hubbard. "You've been dating someone since January, you have the apartment, I paid half the rent for nine months. I've been courteous."

Hubbard hit back by asking, "You signed a lease. What else are you going to do?"

The final months of Hubbard and Radke's relationship played out in the latest season of Summer House, which began with the pair getting into explosive fights, during which Hubbard accused Radke of being "on cocaine" despite being sober since January 2021. Hubbard never apologized but stated that she wished she "used better wording" while talking to Radke.

Throughout the season, Hubbard pushed Radke to figure out his next career move after his departure from Loverboy in late 2022. Radke expressed interest in opening a sober sports bar and rejoining Loverboy with Cooke, 41, and Batula, 32, to work on the beverage brand's nonalcoholic offering, both of which Hubbard did not support.

“I’ve always been patient with Carl,” Hubbard said in a confessional interview in the April 11 episode. “I just have like, I love this man so much. And I know that he wants to make me happy, but if someone is not ambitious and is matching my drive, that’s a little bit of an issue for me. Having to like, constantly light a fire for someone else is not that sexy and doesn’t really get my juices flowing.”

Hubbard rated her sex life with Radke as a 2.5 out of 10 and claimed they got intimate "once every couple of weeks" in the months leading up to their split. Radke's parents also advised against the marriage.

“I don’t think you’re ready for this, Carl,” Radke's stepdad Lou told him in the April 25 episode of Summer House. “And I think if you continue, you’re setting yourself up for a world of pain. But I know there’s a part of you that knows this.”

Radke ultimately took Lou's advice and called off the wedding at the end of the summer, one year after their August 2022 engagement. Despite claiming she felt blindsided by the breakup at the time, Hubbard and Radke both now feel that they made the right decision.

“I will look back on this and know that I really felt like I did and tried everything I could — tried to be patient, understanding, gracious," Radke said in an episode of Bravo’sSummer House After Show. "I sleep really well at night right now because I really feel like I did and tried my best to do what was best to make things work."

Hubbard told PEOPLE in February that she feels "stronger when I'm on my own two feet" and doesn't have to worry about "picking someone else up."

"When everything happened six months ago, I pivoted," Hubbard said. "Because that's not the only thing I deem as successful for myself, is engagement, marriage, babies. That's not who I am. I am a very hardworking, hard work ethic, strong-willed and strong-minded girl. So, for me, it is hopefully to find a happy, healthy relationship with someone who's compatible, first and foremost. If the family comes, the family comes."

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