Pregnant Woman Asks Guests to Dress as 'Iconic Moms' for Baby Shower — and the Results Go Viral (Exclusive)

A mom looking for a different way to celebrate baby No

Published Time: 05.07.2024 - 18:31:16 Modified Time: 05.07.2024 - 18:31:16

A mom looking for a different way to celebrate baby No. 2 found an iconic solution.

Brittany Simon is currently expecting her second baby, a son who will join her 19-month-old daughter. When it came to celebrating baby No. 2, Brittany knew she didn't want another full-blown baby shower.

"As this pregnancy unraveled, my sister insisted we had to do something to celebrate. I'm like, 'Look, I did the traditional shower the first time. I don't need gifts. I don't need all the pomp and circumstance. I would love to just get together with our girlfriends.' "

Getting together with her community was important to Brittany, who no longer lives near most of her friends and family in California.

"My sister had the idea to dress up, and she was like, 'Wouldn't it be so much fun?' All of our girlfriends love to dress up. We love a theme," she says. "So that's where the iconic mom came from. As soon as she told everyone, everyone was so excited and immediately got to picking out their outfits."

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One of Brittany's friends, Britt Johnson, tells PEOPLE that the group wanted to celebrate the expecting mom with something fun and fiercely female.

"Since we have been to so many traditional baby showers in the past, Brittany’s sisters decided we should shake things up with a party that truly celebrates womanhood and mothers in a fun and modern way," says Britt, who shared looks from the day on TikTok @brittalysejohnson.

"Everyone was tasked with dressing up as an 'iconic mom,' and we kept our costumes a secret until the day of the party, which made for an epic reveal!"

Brittany says that she "wanted to be completely surprised" and only informed her sisters and best friend of her own costume.

"I did Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala because I wanted to pick someone to dress up as who was pregnant at the time I was channeling," she says. "Everyone else was a complete surprise and it was so fun watching everyone walk in that day."

The mom-to-be was impressed at the finished products as she walked into her shower, which took place over Memorial Day weekend. Every one of her guests went along with the theme.

"They were all so good. The Mother Teresas brought the house down. That was so unexpected and so funny. Everyone did an impeccable job with their costumes. Carley Bobby from Talladega Nights was such a deep cut, and she got the jacket. My youngest sister did Delia fr -

om Beetlejuice," she says.

"I also liked Donna Kelce and how that's something that a year ago, people wouldn't have known. It was so topical and so funny. I was just so in awe of the time that people spent to put these outfits together."

The special shower — and the reaction as social media posts from guests have gone viral — "means the world" to Brittany as she awaits her little boy's arrival.

"It's such a unique, special group of women. We all know each other through different walks of life. Some of us grew up together. Some of us went to college together. Some of us met through work after college and just living in Los Angeles together. It's an incredible group of women that support each other through and through, in every stage of life and we all rally around each other," she shares. "To have everyone come together and do something like this meant the world to me. I feel so lucky to have this group."

"We all had so much fun that we were like, 'Should we just make this our tradition for everyone's second babies and do sprinkles? And we all have to come now as different moms. You cannot repeat,' " she says with a laugh.

It was equally special for her loved ones to put together for the mom-to-be, friend Britt shares.

"We have worked really hard to stay connected despite big life changes. Each year we take a vacation together, where we vote on the location and activities. This shower is just one way we support one another in between the trips, and the response that we've seen from other women has been so special. With so many people saying they want to join in on the party, it really shows the power of female friendships and the role that iconic moms play in our lives!"

Both Brittany and her friends are touched by the reaction to their fun theme online, where so many have hoped to adopt the idea for themselves.

"It was so amazing how it resonated with so many people and so many groups of friends and women," Brittany says.

"We didn't expect that at all, but it's been so funny to see everyone's reactions, what moms were missed and who we should have done. So it's been really fun. We've been getting a kick out of it."

Brittany is hopeful that other moms will explore fun themes for something different and special for their celebration.

"It was an iconic sprinkle," she declares. "It was a day I won't forget and being so pregnant, it was the highlight of this pregnancy. I cannot wait to tell my son about it someday, and how much all of his aunties love him."

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