Savannah Chrisley Says Dad Todd Is 'Fine' After Rejected Appeal and Cried 'Happy Tears' Wife Julie's Case Was Tossed

Savannah Chrisley is offering an update on her parents after mom Julie Chrisley’s case was thrown out

Published Time: 02.07.2024 - 20:31:09 Modified Time: 02.07.2024 - 20:31:09

Savannah Chrisley is offering an update on her parents after mom Julie Chrisley’s case was thrown out.

The Chrisley Knows Best alum, 26, shared that her entire family — including dad Todd Chrisley — is excited for Julie to be released from prison following her appeal. And at this time, Savannah noted that her father isn’t thinking about his own appeal being rejected.

“He's fine,” she said on the Tuesday, July 2 episode of her Unlocked podcast. “He was crying, like, happy tears knowing that mom could be home. That's the only thing he cares about right now is getting her home.”

Savannah went on to commend Todd, 55, for caring more about his wife than himself. The former Masked Singer contestant then said that her Julie, 51, being out will change his life, too, even though he will remain in prison.

“Mom obviously was heartbroken for dad, but hopefully she can come home and then she can go visit him, and that will be a game changer, I think, for his overall mental health and well-being and for hers too,” Savannah explained. “So I'm hoping that happens, but it was crazy.”

After the news of Julie’s release broke, Savannah said her publicist began receiving calls about filming opportunities. She explained that the family is not ready to consider that when her mom hasn’t even returned home yet.

“I had a call with my publicist today because she just had to call and, like, vent to me for a second,” she said. “She was like, ‘Can you believe the crap that people do?’ Apparently, someone, a production company, reached out to her and asked if my mom was exclusive with a production company yet. And Alexa Garcia was like, ‘You do realize she's still in prison, correct?’”

Adding that being back on TV is not “what she’s worried about right now,” Savannah said she hopes the public can see that they jumped to conclusions judging the family when the legal battle began.

“If you go back to one of the podcasts at the very -

beginning when we were talking about cancel culture, which is the bane of my existence — I absolutely hate it — all the people canceling, all of us are the ones who have way too many skeletons in their closet,” she said. “Just remember, when you cancel someone, you could be next on the list if all your dirty laundry was aired out for the world to see.”

She continued: “At the very beginning when everyone was canceling us, I said, ‘Just wait. If something goes in our favor, all these people are gonna come out of the woodworks. They're gonna wanna sign us to this, sign us to that,’ and look what's happening. So, it kind of pisses me off, but at the end of the day, it's the world that we live in. It's also the entertainment industry.”

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On June 21, a judge vacated Julie’s seven-year prison sentence, stating the case lacked sufficient evidence. Todd’s conviction was upheld.

"We're pleased that the Court agreed that Julie's sentence was improper, but we’re obviously disappointed that it rejected Todd’s appeal," the Chrisleys' attorney Alex Little said in a statement shared with PEOPLE. "With this step behind us, we can now challenge the couple's convictions based on the illegal search that started the case. The family appreciates the continued support they've received throughout this process. And they're hopeful for more good news in the future."

The couple was first indicted by a grand jury in 2019 for tax evasion, conspiracy and bank and wire fraud. The evasion charge was later dropped but Todd, Julie and their accountant were found guilty on all other counts, beginning their sentences in January 2023.

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