See Them Looking Not-So-Wimpy Now: The Child Stars of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Films Are All Grown Up

It appears the cast of Diary of a Wimpy Kid have followed in the footsteps of Harry Potter's Neville Longbottom, and gotten major glow-ups as they've aged

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It appears the cast of Diary of a Wimpy Kid have followed in the footsteps of Harry Potter's Neville Longbottom, and gotten major glow-ups as they've aged.

The original live-action film, based on the books by Jeff Kinney, was released in 2010, and the sequels Rodrick Rules, Dog Days and The Long Haul followed each year afterward.

While Rodrick's character had a new actor in the final film, and the mom's character Susan Heffley was also recast (Rachael Harris played her in the first two, and Alicia Silverstone played her in the final two), the remaining cast remained the same for all of the films.

Below, see how the core cast has aged and what they are up to now.

Zachary Gordon, now 26, was born and raised in Oak Park, California. He was first cast as the main character Greg Heffley in 2009 and played the part throughout all four films.

He's also starred in the movie Good Trouble, and the series Dead of Summer. At the same time, he's had a successful career as a voice actor (he voiced Gil in Bubble Guppies), but he spends his time playing music these days. His debut single, "Time Bomb," was just released.

Robert Capron, now 25, was cast as Rowley Jefferson, Greg's wholesome best friend. He's still acting —he was also in The Sorcerer's Apprentice and R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour —but he took time off to attend Brown University.

Capron looks different from his Rowley character, but he's noted that being typecast as the "chubby" kid was strange to navigate after he lost weight. “I really thought I was going to be the male lead with the fat best friend,” Capron has said. “But, once I was thin, Hollywood couldn’t quite peg me.” 

Devon Bostick, who played older brother Rodrick Heffley, has continued to have onscreen success, starring as Arnold Schwarzenegger's son in the Netflix series Fubar, as well as in the movie All That We Love. which just screened at the Tribeca Festival.

Born and raised in Canada, the 32-year-old has been acting since he was in the fifth grade. For the fourth film, he was replaced by Charlie Wright, who has told PEO -

PLE that audiences didn't accept a new Rodrick. His face became part of a "NotMyRodrick meme," and Wright has said it ruined his career.

Karan Brar, now 25, may have been the most notable actor in the series — two years after he was cast in Wimpy Kid as Greg Heffley's classmate Chirag Gupta, he found success as Ravi Ross on the Disney series Jessie and its spinoff, Bunk'd.

He's still acting, and in 2023, wrote an essay for Teen Vogue about his sexuality and his struggles with depressive disorder after the death of his best friend Cameron Boyce.

Grayson Russell had a fairly fruitful career as a child actor, not only starring in the Wimpy Kid films as Greg's neighbor Fregley, but also in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

But music is his current passion. The 26-year-old recently released the album Corn and Kerosene, a Southern Rock album, and has posted videos jamming with former costar Zachary Gordon. He is currently engaged to Rachel Schumacher.

Peyton List, now, 26, was quite the staple on the Disney Channel when she was younger, but before she was a teen sensation, she was also a child actress who appeared in the film 27 Dresses.

She later had a long career starring as Emma Ross on both Disney's Jessie and its spin-off Bunk'd. (Along with Karan Brar.)

She made her Wimpy Kid debut in the second film, Rodrick Rules, and starred in its third, Dog Days, in which she played Greg Heffley's crush, Holly Hills. She can currently be seen starring as Tory Nichols in Cobra Kai.

Canadian actress Laine MacNeil, now 27, had her first major role playing Greg Heffley's know-it-all nemesis Patty Farrell in the first three installments of the Wimpy Kid franchise, including Rodrick Rules and Dog Days.

She later starred in the movie Horns alongside Daniel Radcliffe and continues to act today. Her last big role was opposite Christopher Plummer and Yvonne Orji in the sci-fi comedy Spontaneous.

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