Summer House's Ciara Miller Says She 'Got Got' By West Wilson as She Confirms They Are No Longer Dating

For months, Summer Houseviewers have been wondering whether stars Ciara Miller and West Wilson’s romance continued beyond the summer

Published Time: 07.06.2024 - 05:31:09 Modified Time: 07.06.2024 - 05:31:09

For months, Summer Houseviewers have been wondering whether stars Ciara Miller and West Wilson’s romance continued beyond the summer. The two have played coy about the status of their relationship in interviews and Watch What Happens Live appearances since filming ended. But during the first part of the Summer House finale on Thursday, June 6, Ciara and West have finally commented on how they moved forward after leaving the Hamptons.

“We kept things rolling to December, early December we had a dinner about like laying it all out there and figuring out what we were going to do,” West, 28, said, later adding, “I don’t think we walked around saying boyfriend-girlfriend but basically, we hung out every day.”

Ciara, also 28, added, “We went to his parents’ house, we went and stayed with his brother in Chicago, we went to a wedding.”

When asked by host Andy Cohen whether they slept together after the summer ended, Ciara confirmed they did.

“I love a funny guy. We’ve all seen that,” Ciara said of what attracted her to West. “I don’t know, I got got, I think, a little bit.”

Ciara said she felt like West “was playing a game with me” and West admitted to sleeping with other women over the summer, despite previously telling Paige DeSorbo otherwise.

“That was still early into our relationship, and I said that to Paige because Ciara and I had not had that talk yet,” West explained.

Ciara revealed that West ultimately told her in December, before season 8 premiered, that he couldn’t commit to a relationship because of “show-related reasons.” 

West said he struggled with “how I was going to navigate” being thrust into the spotlight when the show aired.

“I’ve done a couple watch parties where people f---ing show up and do whatever. That’s pictures and its, the Bravo fanbase is all women,” the sports journalist said. “There’s these random things that I’ve never experienced before. Not temptation, just, is that a s---ty look then to go these watch parties with women?”

Amanda Batula s -

aid that, in her experience with costar and husband Kyle Cooke, fans have been courteous.

“There’s an understanding there,” Amanda, 32, said to West. “If people know that you’re in a relationship, our fan base is quite respectful of that. Maybe you get a few nudes in the DMs, but like, no one publicly at events is going to be hitting on you. It’s the temptation you’re responsible for.”

Ciara chimed in, “If you want to, you will. If you don't, you won't.”

West also owned up to not liking the perception of his relationship online.

 "I was starting to get everything that we were tagged in or posted about or whatever was 'Ciara and newbie guy,' whatever,” he said. “And I was like, am I just going to be some f---ing dude who came onto the show and is just Ciara's puppet the whole time?"

Ultimately, West thought he and Ciara “were on the same page” and found it “a little offensive to question my sincerity” about the relationship.

“I think our relationship was what it was,” he said. “I had feelings, you had feelings. That wasn't fake.”

Meanwhile, Ciara confessed that she felt led on by West and said through tears that she “was cautious for a reason” when it came to him.

"It was an easy cop-out to use the show as an excuse to just kind of nixing the whole thing, but obviously you're enjoying it,” the model added.

Andy, 56, asked West if he felt bad seeing Ciara get emotional over how things played out between the two of them.

“I feel bad,” West said. “It's not my intention to, like, f---ng hurt someone, especially someone you care about.” 

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Summer House airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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