U.S. McDonald’s Stores Will Soon Offer New Sauce Inspired by Popular Menu Item in Japan

McDonald’s is getting ready to drop its first garlic sauce in the United States —but only for McDonald's app users

Published Time: 04.07.2024 - 23:31:18 Modified Time: 04.07.2024 - 23:31:18

McDonald’s is getting ready to drop its first garlic sauce in the United States —but only for McDonald's app users.

The fast food restaurant will be launching the its Special Grade Garlic Sauce, in partnership with the anime Jujutsu Kaisen on Tuesday, July 9, McDonald's announced. The limited-edition condiment is inspired by the Black Garlic Sauce sold at McDonald's locations in Japan.

The sauce will contain "notes of garlic and soy sauce, balanced with a slight tangy sweetness."

For fans of the anime, which premiered in 2020, the sauce containers will feature eight different lid designs with popular characters from the show: Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki, Satoru Gojo, Kento Nanami, Suguru Geto, Mahito and Sukuna.

The Special Grade Garlic Sauce will only be available on the McDonald’s app. Each purchase will unlock a 30-day free trial of the anime streaming service Crunchyroll, for eligible subscribers. 

McDonald's shared the news on social media earlier this week with a poster promoting the new sauce. “I'll show u what real jujutsu is,” the brand wrote in the caption.

The forthcoming product comes after the fast food establishment released the limited Grandma McFlurry in May. The treat combined a "delicious syrup -

" and crunchy candy pieces — "like grandma's favorite treat that she hid in her purse!" — with vanilla soft serve, the brand said.

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In March, McDonald’s opened its latest location of its new drink-focused chain called CosMc's in Dallas. The new chain is a stand-alone outpost where customers can pick up both familiar McDonald's items and new menu offerings including add-on items like popping boba, flavor syrups, energy and vitamin C shots.

The first location opened in Bolingbrook, Ill., in December.

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This isn't the first time McDonald's grabbed the attention of anime fans.

Earlier this year, the brand’sfamous golden arches were temporarily turned upside downto form a "W" for manga-inspired packaging in more than 30 global markets.

At the time, the restaurant released a dip called the Savory Chili WcDonald's Sauce, which the fast food chain said mirrored the "bold, dynamic spirit" of classic anime heroes.

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