Collected 'amazing stone samples' from Mars!

Perseverance collected 'amazing stone samples' from Mars! Everything is in them

The US space agency NASA's Perseverance vehicle is about to complete its first mission to Mars. The stones collected by the vehicle in the first stage can also pave the way for many new discoveries. The goal is to bring these samples, taken by drilling on the crater's surface, to Earth by 2033. It is predicted that the history of the stones from which samples were taken can be determined exactly.

NASA's Mars spacecraft Perseverance is about to complete its first mission to the planet.

17 MONTHS PASSED ON Perseverance Mars

It has been 17 months since the probe reached Mars. The rover to the site called 'Jezero Crater' has done a great job, collecting very good specimens, and is in excellent condition to continue the work to find signs of life on the planet, according to scientists.