Do not wash the apple before eating for these 3 reasons!

If you want to eat an apple, rinse it with tap water or rub it on your arm. Almost all of us do this when eating apples, however, it turns out that it's not nearly enough if you absolutely don't want to eat pesticides.

Do you wash an apple before eating it? That's why you shouldn't! Things to consider when eating apples:

There is only one way to truly clean an apple, and that does not include any of the two options above.

We want to give you another apple secret. Do you drink a lot of apple juice because you think it is good for your health because it contains a lot of vitamins?

Not true! Because it takes so many apples to make just one glass of juice, you are unknowingly consuming too much sugar, which can cause spikes in sugar levels and is dangerous for people with diabetes. Even if you think it's healthy, it can also lead to obesity. Eating apples is much better than drinking. This is much healthier.