Flash!! Here is the New 2023 BMW M2

Flash!! A radical change in design! 2023 BMW M2 photo leaked

Flash!! The photo of the 2023 BMW M2 model, which has created controversy with its design, has been leaked. The new BMW M2 will make a difference in bumper and grille design.

Automobile manufacturers make significant changes in their designs at regular intervals. BMW, which has been in front of car enthusiasts for a long time with similar grille and bumper designs, will break the game in the new M2 model. 2023 BMW M2 photo leaked.

2023 BMW M2 photo appeared

BMW has preferred the oval design language for nearly 30 years in the so-called "kidney" grilles. The company, which appears with oval grilles especially in internal combustion models, switched to angular design with the new BMW M2 model.

The new BMW M2, which will be introduced with the G87 body code, also has radical changes in the rear bumper design. The rear bumper, which has more recesses, was criticized by some car enthusiasts.

19-inch wheels and 275 mm brake caliper will be used at the front, 20-inch wheels and 285 mm brake caliper will be used at the rear. However, it is stated that the 2023 BMW M2 will have the same tire model as the M4.

The BMW M2, which is estimated to produce between 450 and 460 horsepower, will have the same performance as the old M2 CS. The model, which will be offered for sale with automatic and manual transmission options, will exceed expectations in terms of performance.  How did you find the 2023 BMW M2 design?