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TikTok Hit - Butter Board is the new trend! So How to Make a Butter Board?

Butter Board is the new trend for TikTok. So How to Make a Butter Board? What's the butter board trend? How to make a butter board Here's what wondering...

What is a Home Butter Board? How is it prepared?

The butter board is actually a fancy way of serving butter. The butter is spread on a serving tray (usually a wooden serving board), then garnished with herbs and spices. Bread and crackers are served swirled in butter. Or guests can try the butter dish with the help of a knife.

The next step is to make sure your butter is perfectly spreadable. We've all experienced that terribly annoying feeling of putting cold butter on toast. Now imagine trying to do this on a large serving board.

How to Make a Sweet and Spicy Butter Board? How to Make a Butter Board? Butter Board Recipe:

There is no measure in this recipe, isn't it a bit unusual? But what we love most about this dish is that the details are all up to you. If you are going to prepare the butter board on a large serving plate, remember that you need more ingredients.