Look at that suffering! You could eat this "alien creature"? - A strange food

The alien creature-like sea animal even had Eerie tentacles! He ate without thinking, enduring the agony! Look at that suffering! Could you eat this "alien creature"?

A user on Tiktok introduced a sea creature that looked like a rather strange-looking alien creature and then devoured it beautifully prepared and served.

In the horrifying post, the images quickly went viral on social media.

The Alien-like creature introduced by the Woman in the images was actually a gooseneck mussel. But it was more reminiscent of The Demogorgon, the terrifying creature from the popular TV series Stranger Things. Despite this, he did not hesitate to eat this alien creature with protruding tentacles.


In the footage, which received countless views and comments, he explained which part of the Gooseneck Mussel is nutritious and then showed the dozens of arms that appear when that part of the creature's body is pressed.