Flash!! When and where will the coronation of King Charles III take place?-Buckingham Royal Family

After the funeral, the coronation of King Charles III became a matter of curiosity. Where and when will the coronation of the British king Charles 3 take place. - Buckingham Royal Family

Buckingham Royal Family: When is the coronation of King Charles III?

It was a matter of great curiosity when the coronation ceremony of King Charles III, who ascended the throne after the death of his mother, would take place. Today, remarkable evaluations about the history and content of the coronation ceremony took place in the British press.....

ATTENTION DATE! IT WILL COincide with the date his mother was crowned

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So, has the date been determined for the highly anticipated ceremony? Noting that the British media had already shared their views on the coronation of King Charles, they made a remarkable prediction about the date in question. According to British sources, the new monarch plans to hold her coronation on June 2, which coincides with the 70th .....