'Baby Steps': 9-1-1's Ryan Guzman Addresses the Possibility of Buck and Eddie Getting Together

Ryan Guzman isn’t ruling out a best friends-to-lovers storyline on 9-1-1 — but he isn’t confirming anything either

Published Time: 10.05.2024 - 01:31:09 Modified Time: 10.05.2024 - 01:31:09

Ryan Guzman isn’t ruling out a best friends-to-lovers storyline on 9-1-1 — but he isn’t confirming anything either.

In an interview with TV Insider, Guzman, 36, discussed whether Buck (played by Oliver Stark) could eventually pair up with his character Eddie after the former began exploring his bisexuality during season 7.

Asked about the possibility of the best friends ending up together, Guzman answered, “We just got to the point where Buck is having this own personal growth of himself, so it’s like baby steps towards anything and if anything.” 

At the moment, the actor is enjoying the current dynamic between Buck and Eddie: a bisexual man having the “strength” to come out to his heterosexual friend, who offers him “a safe space to be caught in and to be loved and nurtured."

“I think there’s still an air out there in the world that your sexuality preference determines if you’re weak or not, or determines if you’re capable or not, of being just a good human being, which is such a crazy thing to think about,” the Step It Up Revolution star continued.

To Guzman, Buck’s character arc shows the world that “your sexual preference has no meaning in friendships and connection.”

“Accept people for who they are, love people for who they are, and let’s keep it pushing,” he added.

As for Buck and Eddie, who fans have paired together romantically since season 2, Guzman said, “The truth of the matter is right now that we need to live -

in this space and showcase this so the world can see that this is how you handle this situation.”

During the 100th episode of the procedural drama, Buck surprised viewers by kissing Tommy Kinard (played by Louis Ferrigno Jr.). Speaking to Variety, Stark, 32, said the 9-1-1 team simply “wanted to tell a lighthearted love story that happens to be a queer love story.”

Of Buck’s next steps following the big kiss, Stark promised that he would “receive the support he needs.”

In response to the positive fan reaction to the scene, Stark posted a message of gratitude on his Instagram Stories, saying he was “humbled and overwhelmed” by the support.

“I’ve read so many of your messages and I couldn’t be prouder,” he wrote. To the few naysayers, he added, “If you are one of the smaller group of people commenting on my posts about how this has ruined the show. I would like you to know that I truly don’t care.”

The actor concluded that if Buck’s reckoning with his sexuality was a “deal breaker,” they have “missed the entire point of the show,” as 9-1-1 emphasizes love and inclusivity.

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9-1-1 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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