'Cost Me More to Fix It': Kelly Ripa Jokes She's Had a Gap Nightgown for 35 Years That Keeps Falling Apart

There are some things in our closet you just can't let go of

Published Time: 03.04.2024 - 21:31:09 Modified Time: 03.04.2024 - 21:31:09

There are some things in our closet you just can't let go of. Just ask Kelly Ripa.

"I have that little nightgown that I got at the Gap 35 years ago, do you remember?" she asked husband and cohost Mark Consuelos on the April 3 episode of Live with Kelly and Mark while discussing the trend of wearing dresses over jeans. "And I got it at the 80% off sale, you know the clearance sale? And it has cost me more to fix it, because it keeps falling apart."

Ripa, 53, joked with the audience that she paid practically "nothing" for the garment, adding that "price per wear" is almost to the point that Gap is paying her.

She brought up her decades-old nightgown, though, because she does, in fact, wear it with jeans.

"I will wear that over jeans and people will think, ‘Oh what a cute dress over jeans,’ and I go, ‘It’s a nightgown,'" she said. "But there’s something about it that looks cute with jeans, and so I always wear it. But I don’t wear it over the jeans, I wear it tucked in to the jeans." -


Consuelos, 53, complimented the look, telling her it "looks nice" when she rocks the nightgown-dress-jeans 'fit, and Ripa chided him, telling the audience that he always thinks it's a top and not a nightgown.

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She also noted that she likes to hold onto things so she can really get her money's worth — no matter the cost, but especially if it was expensive. Something her husband is not very good at.

"I’m not going to spend that money willy-nilly," she said, before jokingly telling her husband he's wasteful.

"I’m not wasteful. If I haven’t worn an article of clothing in years, it’s not getting worn ever again," he clarified, adding that when he gets to that point, he often hands his clothes down to their sons, Michael, 26, and Joaquin, 21.

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