'Fixed This': Katy Perry Edits Harrison Butker's Controversial Speech in Post for LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Katy Perry is switching up Harrison Butker’s controversial commencement speech in celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Published Time: 03.06.2024 - 23:31:05 Modified Time: 03.06.2024 - 23:31:05

Katy Perry is switching up Harrison Butker’s controversial commencement speech in celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

On Saturday, June 1, Perry, 39, posted on Instagram a heavily edited version of Kansas City Chiefs kicker Butker’s commencement speech at Benedictine College last month, in which he attacked the LGBTQ+ community and working women. In her edit, the singer changed the speech so it now appeared to be in support of these groups as she marked the arrival of Pride Month.

“Fixed this for my girls, my graduates, and my gays — you can do anything, congratulations and happy pride 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ 🧡,” Perry explained in the caption. 

Alongside her message, she shared a video of the edited snippet from Butker’s 2024 commencement address made at Catholic school, Benedictine College, on May 11. 

“For the ladies present today, congratulations on an amazing accomplishment. You should be proud of all that you have achieved to this point in your young lives,” Butker, 28, appeared to say in the edited clip.

Although the singer's edit used the NFL player's words from the speech, the clip was heavily edited to change the order in which he spoke them.

“How many of you are sitting here now, about to cross this stage, and are thinking about all the promotions and titles you're going to get in your career? I would venture to guess the women here today are going to lead successful careers in the world,” Butker continued in Perry's edit. 

“I say all of this to you because I have seen it firsthand, how much happier someone can be supporting women and not saying that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world,” he went on the edited version of the address. “The road ahead is bright, things are changing, society is shifting and people young and old are embracing diversity equ -

ity and inclusion.”

“With that said, I want to say happy Pride Month to all of you,” the edited speech continued, ending with Butker saying. “And congratulations Class of 2024.”

Butker sparked outrage over his commencement speech in May as he spoke out against working women, LGBTQ+ people, surrogate families and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

During his speech, Butker said in his attack against the LGBTQ+ and trans communities: “Benedictine has gone from just another liberal arts school with nothing to set it apart to a thriving beacon of light ... I'm certain the reporters at the AP could not have imagined that their attempt to rebuke and embarrass places and people like those here at Benedictine wouldn't be met with anger, but instead met with excitement and pride, not the deadly sin sort of pride that has an entire month dedicated to it, but the true God-centered pride that is cooperating with the Holy Ghost to glorify him."

Butker and the Chiefs did not immediately return PEOPLE's requests for comment at the time.

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Following his speech, the NFL’s Chief Diversity Officer Jonathan Beane said in a statement, "Harrison Butker gave a speech in his personal capacity. His views are not those of the NFL as an organization. The NFL is steadfast in our commitment to inclusion, which only makes our league stronger.”

Former Kansas City commissioner Justice Horn added on X (formerly Twitter). "Harrison Butker doesn’t represent Kansas City nor has he ever. Kansas City has always been a place that welcomes, affirms, and embraces our LGBTQ+ community members."

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