'People Got Betrayed': Cardi B Feels Biden Administration Has Been 'Layers of Disappointment'

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Published Time: 22.05.2024 - 07:31:18 Modified Time: 22.05.2024 - 07:31:18

As the U.S. prepares for a rematch of a presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Cardi B is expressing her disappointment.

In an interview with Rolling Stone published May 16, the "WAP" rapper, 31, opened up about her disappointment with certain Democrats she previously endorsed — and affirmed that she won't be voting in the 2024 presidential election.

"I don’t f--- with both of y’all n----s," Cardi says of Biden and Trump.

Although the rapper is oftentimes very politically active and expressed her support for President Biden ahead of the 2020 election, even sitting down for conversations with Senator Bernie Sanders and Biden himself, she added that she has felt "layers and layers of disappointment" from the administration. Cardi told L.A. radio host Big Boy that she wouldn't be voting in the upcoming election, per Rolling Stone.

"I feel like people got betrayed," she tells the magazine, citing issues with cost of living, low wages and both domestic and foreign issues, hinting at the ongoing wars in Gaza and Ukraine.

"It’s just like, damn, y’all not caring about nobody," she tells Rolling Stone. "Then, it really gets me upset that there is solutions to it. There is a solution. I know there’s a solution because you’re spending billions of dollars on any f---ing thing."

Although she didn't directly discuss Israel's war in Gaza, the rapper adds that she has concerns about herself and other artists of color becoming "blackballed" if they were to speak out against it.

"America don’t pay for endless wars for countries that have been going through s--- for a very long time," Cardi tells the outlet. "There’s countries where kids are getting killed every single day, but because the U.S. won’t benefit from that country, they won’t help. I don’t like that America has this superhero cape on. We never did things to be superheroes. We did th -

ings for our own convenience."

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Although Cardi has long been politically active, she's expressed concerns in recent weeks — to Rolling Stone and other outlets, like the Complex series360 with Speedy — she has newfound concerns about expressing herself, due to the hate and backlash she gets online.

"I love talking about politics and everything," she told 360 with Speedy back in March. "I don’t even want to talk about it anymore because I’m just so afraid of just getting dragged every single f---ing day. Like, I’m tired."

Elsewhere in her interview with 360, the rapper said that her fear about speaking out about politics and her personal life was manifesting in her music. In 2023, she only released one official single as the song's lead artist: "Bongos" featuringMegan Thee Stallion. Earlier this month, she also said that she wouldn't be releasing her sophomore album in 2024 after a tense interaction with a fan.

"I was afraid to go live, I was afraid to post a picture, I was afraid to go to the club, and then the next day seeing people, what they going to say about me, and everything," she admitted during the interview.

Back in 2022, though, the rapper spoke out about using her platform for these sorts of political issues while speaking with David Letterman for his Netflix seriesMy Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

"I don't really put a lot of political things in my music, but I use the f--- out of my platform," Cardi told the former talk show host at the time. "And I have used my platform even when I was a dancer. Because you might think that people are not looking, but they are."

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